How to Pick the Best Smart Home Lighting

[Smart Home Lighting] How to Pick the Best One

When we decided on a smart home and my wife was super excited to choose the best smart home lighting for our home. We went through all the options to know which one can be a perfect fit. However, the wide availability confused us a bit. We really had a hard time to pick the best one.

Smart home lighting is the key aspect to enhance both the curb appeal and functionality of a smart home. You will certainly find it confusing if you do not know what exactly you want and how to control smart lighting. These are available in modern designs with better facilities. You can use them in many different ways to make life easier.

With the right set up, you can set up your smart lights to turn off when you leave a room and turn on when you enter. You can simply instruct Alexa to turn it off or on depending on your requirement. Geofence will make it even easier for you. With a geofence setup, the smart home lighting will be turned off or on automatically when you leave and enter a room.

In addition, you can manage a lot of things by simply installing the best smart home lighting. In this article, I will help you to choose the right smart lighting for your smart home. Go through the following article to know more about the different aspects of smart home lighting.

Why Do You Need Smart Home Lighting?

Smart home lighting is considered as one of the important aspects of a smart home since they are designed to serve multiple purposes. Besides the obvious ability to turn lights on and off via your Mobile, Sensors, Cool Colored lights and more… It will make you look like you’re home even when you are not. For this reason, people prefer to invest in smart lighting. If you have this in mind, then you will have to take extra caution to make it realistic. Make sure that you have set your smart lighting on a particular set up so that people will not be able to find out that these lights are actually automated, as an example, take notice when you are home, and see when you actually turn lights on and off.

You can use an auto timer to set these lights with sunset and sunrise. Once we went on Disney trip for seven days and we set the lights to be on in the early hours of the night. To my surprise, I got a call from one of the neighbours, he said, “You guys are still at home. We thought you are at Disney” This is amusing, at first, but then realised how well it had worked.

When Do You Need A Smart Home Hub?

Many of us do not plan for a smart home and aim just to install smart lights only. If you are not planning to turn your place into a smart home, you do not need to purchase a hub for smart lighting set up. You will have the option to control smart lights directly from the phone and you can easily set up a schedule depending on your unique requirements.

If you want my suggestion, I will certainly recommend buying a basic Phillips Hue set up when you do not want to buy a hub. It will serve your purpose. Phillips Hue can be an ideal choice as it can be added with Google Home, Echo, Wink Hub, SmartThings Huband, or many other devices.

Samsung Smarthings HubA smartphone will not help much if you want to add some other things to make a truly smart home by including thermostats and security. In that condition, you will have to buy a smart home hub.

I will suggest you buy Samsung Smarthings Hub. This is my personal favorite since this hub is compatible with almost everything out there. Also, you will find it very responsive. It comes in handy regardless of what you are planning to include in your smart home.

Choose the Way You Want to Control

When you plan for smart lightings and smart home, you will want easy controlling to control all your smart lighting. Yes, it is possible and you can get the one to ensure easy controlling. This is a great endgame. In smart lightings, you will find three key types of control systems. Each of them comes with some precise features. You need to understand the features to find the most suitable one for your purpose.

As stated above, each control will have some specific and different types of lights. Instead of addressing each type, we will discuss the end game while dealing this. You can take my example. In my smart home, I have recessed lightings in the finished half of the basement. For my living room or office, you can try different options instead of going with the same one. So, many things will depend on the area of usage.

Things to Know While Buying Smart Lights

The control system will have a significant role. You need to know which lights you want to control. For example, will it be the indoor and/or the outdoor lighting or do you simply want added security lighting? All these things consider will help you decide the type of control system you need. Also, is there any light that is not connected to a switch? For more details, you will have to research on the smart home plug section options.

Smart Home Light Bulbs

You can connect Smart Home Light Bulbs into existing lamps and lights, then connect them to your smart home hub, if you have one. This is where people believe that they need a large lot of work to set them up. In reality, you might not need a lot of effort or time depending on the current set up of your home.

Want to know the Best Smart Light Bulbs for Alexa, Google and HomeKit Powered Lighting? then click here.

Yes, you can spend a lot of money if you are planning for a major change. I am not telling you I am not in favor of installing smart bulbs in all corners of your smart home. My suggestion is that you should not spend all your hard earned money for lightening up all the corners, especially when you are just new to all of this. You will have to make the process slow and gradual.

In our home, we placed a lamp outside of the front door and placed a smart bulb in it. With this simple addition, when we arrived home late, we can have the smart bulb turn on while pulling in the driveway.

After that, we went for the geofencing to make it even easier. You just need to set up your light with the geofencing rules. As a result, the light will turn on automatically when you will pull into the driveway.

I will recommend you to go with Philips Hue set up. In fact, I have already mentioned it at the beginning of this article. If you start small with the Phillips Hue Set Up, you will know how it works and which changes are required for better performance. Even if you have hubs, you can also use hubless lightbulbs. In both these conditions, you can use smart bulbs.

You just need to plug into your home’s existing wall socket. Also, you can replace your existing outlet with full smart outlets. You will be able to connect any of the electrical items including your lamp, coffeemaker, or TV that you can control. You do not need to buy new bulbs.

It can really work great for lamps and will also offer a cost-effective solution. We first tried this option before installing all the smart home products that later demanded a hub. Like us, you can try it as the first step towards your home automation. You will appreciate the end result especially when you are not planning to spend much initially.

Some of these are compatible with Amazon’s Echo and some smart plugs go well with Google home or some with other hubs. Therefore, it is important to understand the usage and requirement of the products to avoid compatibility issues. Make sure that the product is compatible with the smart assistant or hub.

If you want the one that can work without a hub, then I will suggest you check on Amazon. You will find many smart plugs that do not need a hub.

Smart Home Light Switches

If you understand a little bit of hardware installation, you will feel at home with this. Also, Light Switches can be a good option for you if you have already spent a huge amount of time installing brand new LED bulbs.

Philips Hue Tap Remote

This solution can turn all the existing lights into smart lighting. This seems easy and excellent as you need to only replace your switches with smart light switches. This can be the right solution for your recessed lights. I find it cost-effective and less time-consuming.

You can also use dimmable smart light switches. These are not widely available. Also, it will depend on your specific requirement. I added a Kasa TP-Link Dimmer Switch in the kitchen and loved the end result.

Yet, after more research, I would suggest the new Phillips Hue Tap. This smart light switch does not demand batteries.

Smart Lighting Starter Kits

If you are a smart home beginner, you will find the smart lighting starter kits worth investing. I am telling you this since most people want smart lighting first while planning for a smart home or home automation even without knowing more details.

You might be thinking that it is less expensive and can easily fit into your budget. However, this is not cheap at all. You will have to spend more than your expectation and you might regret later.

Wait, here is good news. Now smart lighting starter kits are a bit less expensive than they used to be. If you want, you can check the price on Amazon. Go with Phillips Hue Starter Kit with White LED bulbs. I hope, you will find it worth investing!

If you are interested in something more robust and you are prepared to spend a little extra, then I will suggest you go with the Phillip Hue White and color Ambience. Check the current pricing and go through the features on Amazon.

I always recommend Phillip Hue since I love this so much. They work exceptionally well and can help any to take the first step towards home automation without spending much.


From the above, you might have realized that there are wide options for your smart home lighting. Before deciding on any of them, understand the features and match them with your expectation. Every house is different so their unique needs. Therefore, choose the one that you find best for your home.

Feel free to go through how much a smart home costs article to know the exact costs and to get insights into some smartphone projects. All these will help to choose the best smart home lights. Share it with your friends to enable them to take a smart decision.

How to Pick the Best Smart Home Lighting