Shed Security for Smart Homes

Shed Security for Smart Homes Setup

Most people don’t care much about having Smart Home security for their shed as they do for their homes. Yet, securing your home is as vital as your shed, or even more so for some people. There are some assets stored in the shed, such as motorcycles, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and more, which are potentially at risk of getting stolen if you don’t have an effective security system for your shed. Smart security ensures security for your shed if covered, the things stored in your shed might not be as costly as the ones in your home, yet you would miss them if they were stolen or even used to break into your home. Smart Security is an excellent and very effective way to keep your shed secure in a brilliant and automated means, and it is the perfect solution to ensuring you don’t worry about thieves.

Types of sheds

Shed SecurityWith the advancement of technology and the new trend in the market, there are sheds of different shapes and sizes, and all of them have specific purposes as designed. Sheds can be differentiated depending on the tools and things stored in them; some sheds store things seasonally; others for full-time use. Different sheds also have various security concerns depending on the tools and items stored inside and their value to you and your family. Among the different types of sheds are gardening sheds, wood sheds, storage sheds, motorcycle sheds, tool sheds, and a home office. All these sheds have their security concerns, and they all need smart security systems to keep them secure, monitored and help prevent break-ins.

Installing Smart Security system for your shed

Before you decide to have a shed in your home, you need to go figure out where you want to have it. The location of your shed is very fundamental when installing security systems and especially modern security systems. The best place to have your shed build would be as close to the router/modem as possible. Smart security systems typically use wireless communication between the smart home. Yet, you can have wired solutions, especially if the location, structure or interference from other wifi make it difficult or reduce the effectiveness of your wifi connections, causing signal loss and weak signals. One option to try before considering a wired solution is wifi boosters or repeaters. This is why the location of the shed is very vital if the security system is to be effective. In case you already have a shed in your home, you can determine the strength of the wifi signal using your smartphone. All you need to do is to take a walk around the shed and monitor how strong the wifi signal is; this way, you can determine how effective the smart security system will be for your shed. You can also use a wifi analyzer app; the free is usually all you need to test your signal and also see other wifi signals around your shed.

Smart security systems for your shed

  1. Smart security cameras

    When getting smart security cameras at your premises for your shed, it is advisable to go for those that are high-quality cameras that can withstand the weather and effective ones so that they serve their purpose. Most people find it exhausting to deal with wires regularly; they prefer security cameras and systems which are wireless as many homes don’t have external power running out to the shed. In this case, there are two options for this type of security cameras for your shed;
  2. Arlo security cameras and Blink XT Cameras

    These two cameras are wireless, meaning that you can place them wherever you want, and you don’t have to deal with wires lying around in the compound continually. They also have an excellent night vision, making it easy for you to monitor what is going on in and around your shed even in wee hours. As they are compatible with both indoor and outdoor use, you can install them in and out of the shed; one on the shed and the other aimed at the shed for added security. These cameras are also weatherproof, which makes them suitable for any weather condition. Also, the Blink XT camera gives you eternal rolling cloud storage for your video clips, which is a distinction from the Arlo cameras which limit you to their free one-week rolling cloud storage.
  3. Smart locks and deadbolt locks

    When getting locks for your shed, ensure that they have a good name and brand to them. Smart locks are designed to keep burglars away from your home and provide additional security for the items in the shed. If you have enough room on your shed’s door, you might prefer going with smart deadbolt locks instead. These locks are more secure, especially when using a good brand, they guarantee effectiveness and are of very high quality. The Schlage Sense line is arguably the best in the business, which is what is recommended for both smart locks and smart deadbolt locks.
  4. Bluetooth shed locks

    When thinking about security for your shed, you don’t anticipate to spend much money on it. However, it is advisable to take the right precautions to ensure the safety of your home, which is inclusive of the shed. Sheds are a straightforward target for burglars, especially when there is no one at home, which is why Bluetooth shed locks are most suitable for such situations. Bluetooth shed locks are very affordable, and they are efficient in keeping your shed secure. When choosing a Bluetooth lock for your shed, ensure that you purchase it from a well-known brand for quality reasons. The Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock is a good recommendation for this case, and it keeps burglars away even when you are not at home to monitor who goes in and out.
  5. Smart lighting

    As mentioned earlier, lighting dramatically influences the security of your home and your shed. Poor lighting is a catalyst for burglary and insecurities, which is why it is essential to have smart lighting for your shed. The best kind for this case is lighting that picks up on motion. Mr Beams lights, for instance, are handy for the backyard and the shed, and they are also quite affordable. These lights don’t need an electric power source to work; you just need 3 D-cell batteries, which can serve you for one year, even when used regularly. These lights work in tandem, meaning that if one light goes on, the rest do too, which makes them very bright and very useful.
  6. Smart motion sensors

    This is the number one thing that many people don’t consider when choosing security options for their homes and sheds. Smart motion sensors are, however, essential, especially for sheds, because they provide a backup plan for your other security systems. If a burglar makes it through and past your motion-sensing lights and your smart lock, they may be gone by the time you get to them. Motion sensors are designed to alert you the very second they are tripped. If you want to double the security, you can use an additional camera in the shed with a motion sensor. This ensures that the camera and the motion sensor are tripped simultaneously, allowing you to get to the intruder on time. In this case, the Samsung SmartThings Hub and Motion Sensors are highly recommended.
  7. Smart water sensors

    It doesn’t always have to be about break-ins for you to get smart security systems for your shed. At times there is moisture concern in the shed, which is what necessitates the need for smart water sensors. They are also a product of Samsung SmartThings, and they are designed to link right in with other systems you might have in place. These sensors give you a notification every time they pick up moisture. Also, they monitor the temperature of the shed, which can be quite necessary at times.

Potential shed security vulnerabilities that you may witness

Structural weaknesses

Your shed can have flaws in its structure as a result of patches of rot and loose slats. These make the shed’s defence against break-ins very weak. To minimize the risk, you can start by fixing the loose slats and using new panels to reinforce the internal structure of the shed. If there are rotten door or window frames, replace them and have the holes in the roof patched to avoid drainage when it rains.

Loose hinges

Loose hinges lower the security of the shed a great deal. If your shed’s hinges are loose and exposed, they are effortless to unscrew, which makes it easy to break into the shed. You can counter this reliability by replacing the old hinges with a new set that has a non-removable pin. During the installation of the hinges, it is advisable to use coach bolts or carriage screws because these fasteners have very smooth heads. This makes it difficult to remove them from outside once they have been screwed in.

Poor lighting

If your shed is located at the furthest corner of the compound, it might be hard for you always to see what is going on, especially at night. Poor lighting makes it very easy for burglars to break into your home at night because you have no way of monitoring things that are going on when you don’t have a clear view. To counter this, you can install motion detector lighting, which helps in deterring intruders from accessing your home and your compound.

Old locks

Old locks make it very easy for a break-in to happen in your shed. If you have old locks or clasps, they weaken the access to the shed, making it very easy for burglars to pick, break-in, and steal from you. The best way to alleviate this issue is to have the locks replaced with ones who are stronger and sturdy. You can replace the old fastener with a stringer hasp and staple, which are made secure with coach bolts. Additionally, a sturdy padlock that is waterproof and resistant to rust is a good idea. Making it harder for a thief to break into your shed lowers the risk of attempting an intrusion because the odds of getting caught become very high. This option is, however, suitable for people who want a traditional security system. If you want a smarter, more high-tech option, you should invest in an electronic door lock as it is more effective and more secure.

Uncovered windows

If your shed has uncovered windows, it is very easy for passers-by and potential burglars to see what is inside and when there is no one in the shed. This makes it very easy for a thief to time the exact time to break in and be able to see what he wants to take from the shed, making stealing very easy. You can evade this issue by outing up curtains or other window coverings, depending on how often you use the shed. Sheds that are used exclusively for storage purposes require blackout curtains as these curtains don’t let in much natural light. Sheds that are regularly accessed need solar shades to keep the room at a cool temperature and to allow the required light in. These solar shades reduce the penetration of UV lights into the shed.

Unsecured window AC units

Unsecured AC units in windows can give access to thieves. If the AC units are not adequately secured, they can be easily removed and give way for burglars to get into your shed without your knowledge. As such, you can make your AC unit hard to remove by installing a support mechanism that is usually attached to the exterior wall of the shed. If you want to make it harder for a burglar to remove the AC unit, use a support bracket that screws into the wall securely. This makes it very challenging to remove the AC unit. You can also supplement this support bracket with a window security bar for added security.  

Additional security measures for your shed

Have a serialized inventory

You should keep a list of all the items in your shed. These items should be serialized to enable you to track them quickly in case they get stolen or if they go missing. The serials are unique identifying marks for the items. If they are registered with your local police department, then you can rest easy as it improves the chances of recovery. Also, you can use Smart Water to mark your belongings and other items in the shed. This is an anti-theft system that is used to mark items using a traceable liquid. The liquid has a unique code, which makes it easy for you, with the help of your local police, to trace your items in case of theft. The system is proof of ownership, and as the liquid is only visible in UV lights, it won’t be possible for the burglar to know its existence or even to remove it.

Home insurance coverage

It is crucial to check with your insurance to find out if the shed and its contents are covered. The home insurance coverage is meant to include all items in your home. As the shed is one of them, this coverage is additional security to the already existing security systems. Verification is necessary because some home insurance policies do not cover on-property structures.

Know what to do

It is vital to know what you need to do and how to handle the burglar if and when you catch him. If you find an intruder in your shed mid-crime, stay calm so that you don’t end up acting unconsciously. You are then required to contact the local authorities and ensure that your safety is a priority above everything else.

Preventing burglary in your shed

Extending the already existing home alarm system to your shed is a good option. You can install a shed alarm to trigger anytime there is an intruder in the shed, and you can also extend your house’s wireless alarm system to the shed. This wireless system is a popular way of ensuring security in your home and its environs because it is a very affordable system. The wireless alarm systems are suitable for people who don’t like having wires lying around in the compound, as there is less wiring needed to connect the devices for detection to the major control panel. Your installer can simply install extra detectors into your outbuildings, which is inclusive of the shed and link them up to the central system in the house. Having a decent lock is another way of preventing a burglary in your shed. A robust locking system is very crucial if you want to make it impossible for intruders to break into your shed. Most burglars have tools for breaking in as they are experienced, and having a basic padlock only makes their work easier. Stronger locks help ensure that the security of your shed is good and to keep your mind at ease, especially when you are away from home. If you have expensive items in the shed, you can make them extra secure by installing ground or wall anchors within the area they are stored. A burglar doesn’t much time trying to prize away items that are securely locked up because that increases the odds of getting caught. If there are any unnecessary windows in your shed, you should cover them up from the inside. This prevents intruders from getting a glimpse of what is in the shed. You can also light up areas that are dark to ensure that you can see what is going on outside even at night. The probability of an intruder getting caught is highly dependent on whether they can be seen, and if you have good lighting around and, in your shed, then you don’t have to worry about the intruder getting away.


In a world where security is becoming an alarming threat, it is crucial to have the most effective security system for your home. The importance of having an effective security system for your shed should not be overlooked because, as explained above, the assets in the shed might not be costly, but they are valuable. Sheds are a prevalent target for thieves and burglars because, in addition to being neglected security-wise, they store useful tools and equipment. This makes them a good target for both opportunistic thieves and seasoned burglars. Most people don’t take the security of the shed very seriously, which makes them a very easy target, and this can jeopardize the security of your entire home. Smart security systems for Smart home security is the best way to keep your shed secure as it makes you feel connected to the shed despite it being disconnected from your physical house.