Personal Alert Systems for Seniors-that-use Amazon Echo or Alexa

Personal Alert Systems for Seniors that use Amazon Echo or Alexa

Having elderly parents, you realize that you can’t be there for them all the time, and if they have a fall or have an emergency, they can’t always contact you or get Help by themselves. So, I have tested several personal alert systems for seniors, and here is what I have found.

Many life alert systems exist to deal with medical emergencies, no matter where a person might be, so there are personal alert systems for Seniors that use Amazon Echo and Alexa; I also included a Non-Alexa solution:

These life alert systems have collaborated with smart home devices like Amazon Echo, using the virtual assistant Alexa to alert caregivers, emergency response teams, and families about potential emergencies, especially involving senior family members’ health and wellbeing. 

eldery alert system

Emergency Alert System

Systems that take the contact information of your personal caregivers and family members in order to contact them in the wake of an emergency where you aren’t able to reach them yourself is known as an emergency alert system. Modern technologies have also allowed emergency alert systems to directly contact emergency response teams like police, firefighters, and ambulance services, so instead of depending upon busy family members, you can get the services of professional emergency handlers.

Using Amazon Echo and Alexa as Emergency Alert Systems for seniors

The great thing about emergency alert systems nowadays is that they can easily be integrated into amazon echo and other smart home devices for wireless and boundless communication in emergency times.

How does it work?

You might be wondering, how does this mechanism work? Well, first of all, you provide your emergency contact information to the particular alert system. Then in cases of emergency, all you need to do is give Alexa a voice command asking for Help upon which Alexa will let your emergency contacts know about your situation. Some setups may also contact dispatchers of the particular alert system you’re using for further medical Help.

Different Alert Systems to use with Amazon Echo

There are many different alert systems off. The integration with smart home devices like Amazon Echo, which you can use in case of a problematic situation. In order to provide you adequate safety measures for yourself and your loved ones, here are some of the different alert systems that you can use with the Help of Amazon Echo and Alexa.


Personal Emergency Response Pendant (PERS)

PERS: Biometrics / Software / Insight by TruSense

One of the most technologically advanced emergency alert systems is the Personal Emergency Response Pendant. The home security and monitoring company TrueSense has created a smart pendant that can be worn by anyone with an underlying medical condition that needs care and attention.

Integration with Amazon Echo

Personal Emergency Response (PERS)The pendant is integrated with Amazon Echo as soon as the account and system are completely set up. TruSense uses the GPS system of the smart home device in order to keep loved ones aware of the physical position of the senior family member so that they can monitor their health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

The pendant is waterproof and requires charging every once in a while. Once a person wears the pendant, the caregivers can easily keep track of them by knowing where they go, how long they stay there, whether they’re wearing the pendant or not, and how they’re doing at a particular moment by giving voice commands to connected Alexa devices.

Fall Detection Mechanism

Due to the incredible technology of GPS being used by the TruSense Personal Emergency Response Pendant, the device will detect and react to a fall involving the device’s wearer. In such a situation, the device will alert caregivers about the incident and contact dispatchers, who will then let emergency response teams know about the problem so that they can provide necessary and quick assistance to the person in an emergency.

Accident Detection

The TruSense pendant is also able to detect accidents involving the wearer. As the system uses GPS integration, vehicular transport is also noted, which is why in case of an accident, the pendant detects a collision and alerts the relevant authorities about the problem, which makes it one of the best alert systems for you and your loved ones.


  • A safe and secure solution when it comes to emergency response systems.
  • Offers GPS integration, and position detection.
  • Includes fall detection for emergencies where a person cannot reach their landlines or phones to alert caregivers.
  • It is waterproof and can be worn anywhere.


  • It is difficult to get your loved ones to wear the pendant regularly.
  • It is expensive if we take a look at the monthly service fees along with the device that is needed for unlimited GPS tracking service.
  • Doesn’t come with an easy to use application.

Overall, the TruSense Personal Emergency Response Pendant is one of the best alert system choices you’ll make for your loved ones. Moreover, it comes with a well-integrated Amazon Echo compatibility, which makes monitoring easy and straightforward. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones facing any emergencies anymore.

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Ask My Buddy – Personal Alert Network

To setup an account go

Ask my buddy is a personal alert network service that is available on smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant. With the Help of Ask My Buddy, you can easily alert your loved ones about your state of emergency without requiring any additional equipment or tools. It is one of the best alert systems of modern-day, and you can use it for your health as well as your loved one’sone’s prosperity and emergency handling.

Setting up Ask my buddy with Amazon Echo

Setting up asks my buddy to start with you creating an account on the Ask my buddy personal alert network. After that, you’re going to designate an emergency number to your close ones and friends who you’re going to need in an emergency medical situation.

You don’t need any kind of special equipment or anything with it. It is already available in Amazon Echo. All you need is an Echo device and an internet connection.

How does it work?

In case of an emergency, you can use voice commands like, “Alexa, ask my buddy to Send Help,” and Alexa will contact all of your emergency contacts so they can immediately shift their attention to you and respond as promptly as they can in order to provide you Help and care.

Buddy Assistant

Buddy AssistA newer installation when it comes to asking my buddy service is the Buddy Assistant. With the Help of Buddy Assistant, you can directly contact emergency response services, which will promptly provide you professional Help in problematic situations. The Buddy Assistant service requires you to get a premium or ultimate subscription for free of charge service access.


  • It allows you to use voice commands to alert caregivers.
  • Senior family members who like to live independently can easily contact other family members.
  • Buddy Assistant allows you to contact authorities for professional Help.
  • Already available in Amazon Echo as a default alert network.


  • In case of a dire emergency, a senior person might not give an appropriate voice command.
  • Fall detection is incredibly important, so the lack of proper fall detection is a demerit point for this service.
  • The premium and ultimate subscription cost much more to provide Buddy Assistant service.



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MySOSFamily is also one of the emergency alert systems we’re going to discuss in this list. MySOSFamily is a service that allows you to use your smart home device like Amazon Echo to alert your friends and family in case of any harm or emergency through an Alexa skill application. Alerting has never been easier for senior citizens and the elderly.

Setting up MySOSFamily

mysosfamilyYou can add MySOSFamily into your Amazon smart home device through our skill application and then add all your emergency contacts and a list of friends and family you would need in an emergency. This way, you’ll be able to let them know about your state of emergency whenever you feel like it.

How does it work?

Once you are in a situation of emergency, all you need to do is give Alex a voice command saying, “Alexa, start MySOSFamily” and Alexa would respond saying, “Would you like to send for help?” to which you can respond, “Yes” in order to alert your friends and family. This is all it takes to get Help from your loved ones using MySOSFamily.

SOS Countdown

A great feature when it comes to MySOSFamily is the SOS countdown option, which is available. This works wonders when it comes to any activity which might be risky for you. You can start the countdown as you start that particular activity like changing a light bulb, climbing a ladder, or driving a car. If you don’t come back on time and cancel the time, the service is going to alert all your emergency contacts right away.


  • MySOSFamily sends emails, messages, and even phones the emergency contacts
  • It is even compatible with landline and simple phones with the Help of a single number activation.
  • SOS countdown.
  • Easy to use and great alert system for senior and elders
  • MySOSFamily application is also available for users.


  • Doesn’t feature a proper fall detection mechanism.
  • Voice commanding may not work in some emergency situations, and authorities must be contacted promptly.


Life Alert (Non-Alexa Option)

Medical Emergencies / Shower Emergencies / Personal / Mobile + GPS / Mobile App
Life Alert website, click here.

This is one of the oldest and biggest industry leaders when it comes to personal emergency response systems. Known for their catchphrase, “Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up”. Life Alert has been known to save many lives in an emergency due to their quick response dispatch work. They offer different devices and tools which can be used to alert authorities and loved ones in a time of need.

Using Life Alert for Emergency Alert

There are different home and away packages that Life Alert offers at different prices and features. The monthly service fee for Life Alert is around $60 dollars, which is quite expensive. Life Alert wristband and pendants include GPS tracking and one push alert system, which will let the dispatchers know about your state of emergency and alert the professional medical authorities so they can assist as soon as you need it.

Customer Service and Emergency Support

Life Alert is mainly known for its quick responses when it comes to emergency alerts. As soon as you need Help and press the alert button, you’re going to be assigned to one of the 24/7 available customer service providers who will provide authorities your information so they can get Help to you.


  • High-quality, quick emergency response time.
  • Easy to use Life Alert devices.
  • GPS tracking and mobile support.


  • Doesn’t offer as many services as competitors.
  • There is no fall detection mechanism, which is very problematic as the most common emergency situations for senior citizens and the elderly is falling and hurting themselves.
  • Expensive services.
  • No smart home device compatibility.



At the end of the day, the safety and security of our loved ones are all that matters to us. That is why using the best quality emergency alert services is essential for any monitoring. If you want to choose any one of these emergency alert services compatible with the Amazon Echo and Alexa devices, I would suggest going for something that offers fall detection like the “Personal Emergency Response Pendent (PERS)” which is a more expensive solution or,  “Ask My Buddy“, which doesn’t have fall detection, yet is still very good. When it comes down to it, any system is better than no system at all for your seniors’ safety and health.