Operate and View Arlo Cameras on your PC

How to Operate and View Arlo Cameras on your PC

Nowadays, security is the most important thing for our livelihood. We cannot take it for granted. We are very much aware of recent criminal activities all around the world. So, we have to take some useful steps to secure our lives. There are various kinds of smart gadgets that can save our lives and secure our livelihoods. We will have to match our footsteps with modern and advanced equipment to secure our home and family members. Arlo makes this easy for us. They make water-proof and wireless cameras for your benefits.

Recently one of my friends had bought Arlo Pro Camera. She wants to make her home smart and advanced with modern gears. She also got the facility to view the cameras from her laptop or computer at the time of working. She ran the security cameras in different tabs. It makes the whole task easy and simple. She just clicked on the tabs to view the whole things happen in her overall property. She also got a chance to see the offensive activities all around her property. There is no particular application for PC to view the cameras. But there is a different way to operate and view the cameras from PC and laptop.

You can click on the site arlo,netgear.com which is their official website. You will have to put your details to do login. after that, you will have to open it in a different tab and open a new window in your laptop or PC.

How this camera works?

These cameras are wireless and battery-powered with the option to have a cable run to them. So, its overall working capacity depends on the charge of the batteries, which is approximately three months. There are four numbers of CR123 lithium 3-volt batteries in this camera. While this camera detects motion, then it uses the Wi-Fi link to the base station to stream the video to your separate account in the cloud system. It can also capture any kinds of motions in any dark areas of your house at the time of night. So, it can give you special security at night as well. This is the best type of Security Camera.

The best part of this camera is you can place it any portion of your property. This can easily connect from anywhere. So, you do not need to take any kinds of pressure about that.

Work with existing base station:

All the cameras of this brand can work together properly. If you have a pre-existing base station, then you can easily connect these wireless cameras. The base station of this system connects to your home network and helps you to view your camera streaming from any part of the house or your property.


How to connect your base station to the internet?

You will just have to follow some simple steps in order to connect your base station to the internet. These are as follows:

  1. You will have to connect the base station to your router with the help of an Ethernet cable.

  2. After that you will have to connect the AC adapter to the connection of the base station.

  3. Now you will have to put the plug of the AC adapter into the nearest and reachable electrical outlet.

  4. If your base station has on/off button then you will have to press on the button.

How to download recordings from the cameras?

This camera can record the video automatically when it detects any kinds of motions. From mobile, you can view and download these recordings with the help of their application. You can also do this same for your PC. You can watch it whenever you want. You can also play it and pause as per your choice. Generally, your camera stores all the recordings and snapshots in the library. You can take the help of the filter and the calendar to find the actual recording that you will need.

  1. You will have to click on the icon of your device screen. Or else you can also visit their site. The page will display after that.

  2. After that you will have to click on the Library option.

  3. After that you will have to click on the snapshot or the video option.

  4. Then click on the Ok button in order to confirm the procedure.

  5. You can find the file you have selected and complete the download.

Apart from these, you can also make your recording Favourite and share it as well with others. You can also delete the not so useful recording if you want to do that. You can only keep the important recordings and snapshots for future references.


Improve the picture quality:

You can improve the picture quality in these cameras. You will have to follow these steps in order to do that:

  • You will have to make sure that your cameras are within the range of base station of the whole system. You can set it in the maximum range of 300 feet. But in this case, you will have to avoid the obstructions such as thick wall and other solid structures.

  • You will have to minimize the numbers of networks and Wi-Fi devices.

  • You can also change your power management setting.

  • You will have to install the good internet connection with the speed of 1 Mbps.

  • You will have to optimize your router setting option as well.

It is the user-friendly cameras that can provide you with the best security. It is the best security camera. It is the best type of wireless camera that can provide you with the perfect service as well. So, you do not need to go for any other options. You can install this camera in your house and enhance the security of your property as well. You can also check the reviews and ratings before buying it for your house. You can view the camera even from your PC or laptop. Apart from these, you can also view or download the recordings from the app as well.

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