How To Make Google Assistant-Spell Words Slower

How To Make Google Assistant Spell Words Slower

If you own a Google Assistant, then you should be aware of the benefits it can bring to your smart home or how helpful it can be. However, like many other smart speakers out there, it does have some drawbacks, or rather, small problems that can affect your satisfaction. The chances are that you have already noticed that it spells words rather fast. The good news is that when it comes to the speed of how words get spelled, you actually can make your Google Assistant speak more slowly.

What is so handy about your Google Assistant is that you can control it either from your smartphone or from any Google Home device you might have. In general, you can make your Google Assistant spell words slower by merely saying “OK Google, could you repeat that slower?”

But let’s take a further look into how you can have a better experience with your Google Assistant and how to make the most out of the many features it comes with.
What Does An Assistant Voice Control Do?

If you are not aware of it yet, you need to have it clear on how Google Assistant and Google Homework and what they are useful for. Developed by the giant company famous for its popular search engine, this device is an answer to its main competitors, Alexia, by Amazon and Cortana by Microsoft. It can be used as the main hub from which you can control all of the “smart features” of your home, but it also works as a portable speaker and serves many other handy purposes.

For example, other than being able to play your favorite music from the device, your Google Assistant can provide you with the information you need within seconds, as it can be used to play around with some fun games or to simply laugh at how it will answer to your crazy questions.

Turning On The Voice Control Function On Google Home

To start and to make the most out of your smart home assistant, you should be aware that there are two different queries you can use to initiate your Google Assistant’s voice. By saying either “OK Google” Or “Hey Google”, and follow it with your voice command, you will turn on the device and get what you need from it.

Here are some examples of commands you might be willing to use in the field of word spelling in particular:

  • “How do I spell (say the particular word)”
  • What does (word) mean?
  • Define (word)
  • Could you give me synonyms for (word)?

Google Home’s Spelling Bee Game

There is a useful function offered by your Google Assistant which is a great game for both adults and kids and can get hand if your children are having a spelling be coming up and they need to practice for it.

First, you need to add the feature to your Google Home by downloading the relative app.

You can activate by saying “Hey Google, ask the spelling be to play on medium difficulty”. Indeed, there are several levels you can choose from, for a better experience that suits the player’s ability.

The Bottomline

To get your assistant to speak slower or to spell a word less quickly, you can do so, by simply asking it to repeat it more slowly. You’ll have the same word repeated one more time and at a slower pace, which can get handy in many different situations. Whether you need to spell a word for an important document, or if your kid is practising for her spelling test, this feature is one you can use from time to time.
While you might be sceptical about using a smart home assistant device at first, you should think that the reality is that such devices will probably play a big role in a few years. They can help you get a better experience in your home and can be very useful in several situations. Once you learn how to use them properly and to take advantage of the several capabilities and features such devices offer, you’ll be able to appreciate their role in a smart home better. You might even start wondering how you did it before you had one.