How to Add Devices to Google Assistant

How to Add Devices to Google Assistant the Easy Way

Google Assistant is becoming more and more popular. For Google Assistant to work for you and control the smart devices, you need to configure the smart devices and Google Assistant on your smart phone. Once you have successfully configured them, you can start using Google Assistant by giving it voice commands, and it will make your smart devices work as per the instruction given to the Google Assistant. Here, we are going to provide a step-by-step guide to add devices to the artificial intelligence tool Google Assistant.


Step 1: Home Control

This is how you begin, and It’s very simple. The home button on the android device needs to be pressed for slightly longer than usual. Accessing the Google Assistant application from iOS is also possible. The screen interface at the top right corner features a blue menu button. Follow this with tapping on three dots and then choose ‘settings’. You should choose ‘Home Control’ in the dropdown list. This brings to the end of the first step.


Step 2: Adding a Smartphone to Google Assistant

If you click on the ‘Home Control’ button, it will bring forth side-by-side tabs (room and devices). The tab that props up by default is the ‘devices’ tab. Don’t use this. You will find a blue plus (+) button on the right corner of the bottom. Once you click this, you will get a list of smart devices that will work alright with the Google Assistant. Now, you try and find your device brand and click it. This will lead to a new page, depending on your android device brand. Generally, this will lead you to seek your permission for the Google Assistant to access the smart home devices you have paired. To do this, if you are not already signed in to your Google account, you will need to sign in. In either case, the granting of permission will be preceded by propping up of ‘allow’, ‘yes’ or ‘okay’. Your device may ask any one of these or similar permissions. You should make sure that you are following the prompt you receive from your android device.


Step 3: Assign different devices to various rooms

Remember, after you had clicked ‘Home Control’, you had two tabs — room and devices. Now, you should add devices to different rooms. This is how you separate different devices on your android phone so that it is easier for you to give a command to a particular device out of the many that are paired. So, here you have a list of selected devices you can tap a particular device to allot it a room.

Here, you will find some common rooms, and you can choose one of them. You can also create and add a room by clicking on the ‘Custom Room’ that features at the bottom of the list. After you have added all your devices to various rooms, you should click on the ‘Done’ button that features at the top of your screen in the right corner. The successful pairing of your devices is reflected by ‘You’re all set!’ message on your screen. This is how you add devices to Google Assistant on your android phone.


Step 4: Check, your setup is ready

The preceding steps carried out successfully mean that you have been able to add your smart devices to the Google Assistant. Now, with your voice, you can control the home devices paired with Google Assistant. You have got to the stage that Google Assistant will immediately receive and follow your command. You can give your command by a click on the microphone or by saying simply ‘OK Google’.

Now, you can ask Google Assistant to carry out any command for the smart home devices, and it will get the work done. You can check if your Google Assistant is working or not by asking it: ‘OK Google, turn off the living room’.

If all the lights in the living room are automatically turned off, you know your Google Assistant is on and working. This example is only to find out if Google Assistant is on and functioning. You can talk to your Google Assistant in whatever manner you want to. Google Assistant is powered by artificial intelligence, and it can decode your commands. Naturally, you would like to test your Google Assistant with many more instructions, and that’s so much fun.


Final thoughts

So, in short, the following are the four steps through which you can add devices to the Google Assistant in your android phone.

1. Access the home control menu
2. Add devices to Artificial Intelligence to Google Assistant
3. Assign different devices to various rooms
4. Your setup is ready, check it out

Though adding smart devices to Google Assistant is very easy, and you can use it to control all home devices with smart features. You may, initially, find it challenging to pair the devices with the Google Assistant, but within a few minutes, you will be able to execute the steps almost intuitively. You will find that adding smart devices is not such a big deal after all. The exercise may look a bit stressful, but once the setup is complete, you will have lots of comfort and fun using your smart devices at home with the help of Google Assistant. For example, you can turn off the light in the kitchen or the bathroom without going there, just by asking Google Assistant to do it.