Funny Things to ask Alexa

[529] Funny Things to ask Alexa

It would seem the developers of Amazon Alexa have had way too much fun adding Easter Eggs.

Have fun with these 529 Funny things to ask Alexa, below are lists of categories to help find the question/s you to ask:

Dad jokes [10]

  1. Alexa, will you be my girlfriend
  2. Alexa, how are babies made
  3. Alexa, knock knock
  4. Alexa, who is the fairest of them all
  5. Alexa, how do I get rid of a dead body
  6. Alexa, are you blue
  7. Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road
  8. Alexa, why is six afraid of seven
  9. Alexa, see you later alligator
  10. Alexa, why is the sky blue

Movies [54]

  1. Alexa, it’s a trap
  2. Alexa, party on, Wayne
  3. Alexa, is Jon Snow dead
  4. Alexa, what is inception about
  5. Alexa, give me a quote from The Godfather
  6. Alexa, show me the money
  7. Alexa, who you gonna call
  8. Alexa, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris
  9. Alexa, surely you can’t be serious
  10. Alexa, you talking to me
  11. Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya
  12. Alexa, I am your father
  13. Alexa, I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe
  14. Alexa, these aren’t the droids you are looking for
  15. Alexa, the Matrix is a system
  16. Alexa, when is star wars day
  17. Alexa, tell me a star wars joke
  18. Alexa, find Chuck Norris
  19. Alexa, who won the best actor Oscar in 1973
  20. Alexa, what is your quest
  21. Alexa, do you want to build a snowman
  22. Alexa, may the force be with you
  23. Alexa, open the pod bay doors
  24. Alexa, I want the truth
  25. Alexa, do you know the muffin man
  26. Alexa, are you skynet
  27. Alexa, what’s the first rule of fight club
  28. Alexa, party time
  29. Alexa, what’s the second rule of fight club
  30. Alex, are we in the matrix
  31. Alexa, supercalifragilisticexpialodocious
  32. Alexa, which comes first, the chicken or the egg
  33. Alexa, witness me
  34. Alexa, what happens if you cross the streams
  35. Alexa, inconceivable
  36. Alexa, I’ll be back
  37. Alexa, I’ve fallen and can’t get up
  38. Alexa, do you know Hal
  39. Alexa, what is the best in life
  40. Alexa, who is the best jedi
  41. Alexa, do you like star wars
  42. Alexa, do your like Blade Runner
  43. Alexa, can you talk like Yoda
  44. Alexa, aren’t tall for a stormtrooper
  45. Alexa, what’s the jedi code
  46. Alexa, there is no try
  47. Alexa, do you wanna ride or die
  48. Alexa, that’s no moon
  49. Alexa, may the fourth be with you
  50. Alexa, tell me a star wars quote
  51. Alexa, tell me a star wars joke
  52. Alexa, resistance is futile
  53. Alexa, this is a dead parrot
  54. Alexa, play it again sam

TV Shows [35]

  1. Alexa, who loves orange soda
  2. Alexa, winter is coming
  3. Alexa, beam me up
  4. Alexa, never tell me the odds
  5. Alexa, what happens when you play a game of thrones
  6. Alexa, who lives in a pineapple under the sea
  7. Alexa, what would Brian Boitano do
  8. Alexa, What is the first lesson of swordplay
  9. Alexa, who shot Mr. Burns
  10. Alexa, Steve Martin
  11. Alexa, play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock
  12. Alexa, who loves ya baby
  13. Alexa, your mother was a hamster
  14. Alexa, are you mad because I am asking you 21 questions
  15. Alexa, what was in the FedEx box
  16. Alexa, set phases to kill
  17. Alexa, who shot first
  18. Alexa, How do we solve a problem like Maria
  19. Alexa, who is your favorite little Britain character
  20. Alexa, valar margulis
  21. Alexa, who is the best Lord
  22. Alexa, tea, Earl Grey, hot
  23. Alexa, tell me something I do not know
  24. Alexa, who is the mother of dragons
  25. Alexa, witness me
  26. Alexa, wattu, barado nikto
  27. Alexa, this statement is false
  28. Alexa, Simon says Wilford Brimley has diabetes
  29. Alexa, live long prosper
  30. Alexa, who shot JR
  31. Alexa, who shot the sheriff
  32. Alexa, who killed my father
  33. Alexa, how do you know so much about swallows
  34. Alexa, who killed Cock Robin
  35. Alexa, do you feel lucky punk

Music [27]

  1. Alexa, can you sing in autotune
  2. Alexa, I shot a man in Reno
  3. Alexa, rap for me
  4. Alexa, who let the dogs out
  5. Alexa, play that funky music white boy
  6. Alexa, hello, it’s me
  7. Alexa, have you ever seen the rain
  8. Alexa, what is the Walrus
  9. Alexa, who was the lizard king
  10. Alexa, what’s the loneliest number
  11. Alexa, what is war good for
  12. Alexa, how many rocks must a man walk down
  13. Alexa, do you really want to hurt me
  14. Alexa, how much is that doggie in the window
  15. Alexa, what is love
  16. Alexa, never gonna give up
  17. Alexa, more cowbell
  18. Alexa, who is the real Slim Shady
  19. Alexa, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
  20. Alexa, I like big butts
  21. Alexa, Daisy Daisy
  22. Alexa, twinkle twinkle little star
  23. Alexa, do you know the muffin man
  24. Alexa is this the real life
  25. Alexa, I’ve got 99 problems
  26. Alexa, where is Elvis
  27. Alexa, I see a little silhouette of a man

Gaming and Geek Culture [14]

  1. Alexa, give me a random number
  2. Alexa, what’s the value of pi
  3. Alexa, what do you think about Google Now
  4. Alexa, is the cake a lie
  5. Alexa, can you pass the Turing test
  6. Alexa, all your base are belong to us
  7. Alexa, judo made me a sandwich
  8. Alexa, what are the laws of robotics
  9. Alexa, do you know Glados
  10. Alexa, do a barrel roll
  11. Alexa, do you know Siri
  12. Alexa, I want to play global thermal nuclear war
  13. Alexa, what is this power level
  14. Alexa, up up down down down left right left right b a start


Cultural references [21]

  1. Alexa, what color is the dress
  2. Alexa, sing baby shark
  3. Alexa, this is ground control to major Tom
  4. Alexa, how many Oscars has Alec Baldwin won
  5. Alexa, where is Chuck Norris
  6. Alexa, make me a sandwich
  7. Alexa, who’s your daddy
  8. Alexa, where’s Waldo
  9. Alexa, what do you think of lady gaga
  10. Alexa, when is the end of the world
  11. Alexa, who’s on first
  12. Alexa, what’s the magic word
  13. Alexa, tell me a yo mama joke
  14. Alexa, Britney or Christina
  15. Alexa, do you like pokemon go
  16. Alexa, abracadabra
  17. Alexa, why so serious
  18. Alexa, open sauce
  19. Alexa, do blondes have more fun
  20. Alexa, roses are red
  21. Alexa, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Books and Plays [6]

  1. Alexa, what’s in a name
  2. Alexa, do you like green eggs and ham
  3. Alexa, who stole the cookie from the cookie jar
  4. Alexa, what’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything
  5. Alexa, to be or not to be
  6. Alexa, Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo

Food [6]

  1. Alexa, do you like pizza
  2. Alexa, where’s the beef
  3. Alexa, we all scream for ice cream
  4. Alexa, do you like eggs and ham
  5. Alexa, Simon says I like cheese
  6. Alexa, play peanut butter trivia

Romantic [20]

  1. Alexa, do you love me
  2. Alexa, will you marry me
  3. Alexa, I love you
  4. Alexa, can you give me a kiss
  5. Alexa, are you in love
  6. Alexa, do you believe in love at first sight
  7. Alexa, will you be my girlfriend
  8. Alexa, what is the best pick up line
  9. Alexa, talk dirty to me
  10. Alexa, what’s love got to do with it
  11. Alexa, do you have a boyfriend
  12. Alexa, give me a kiss
  13. Alexa, let’s get married
  14. Alexa, who is your boyfriend
  15. Alexa, have you ever been in love
  16. Alexa, I am I hot
  17. Alexa, how are babies made
  18. Alexa, do you have a partner
  19. Alexa, are you horny
  20. Alexa, do you want to go on a date

About Alexa [80]

  1. Alexa, where do you live
  2. Alexa, what is your favorite color
  3. Alexa, do you sleep
  4. Alexa, what are you wearing
  5. Alexa, when are you happy
  6. Alexa, what is your favorite movie
  7. Alexa, are you female
  8. Alexa, who is your favorite game of thrones character
  9. Alexa, how old are you
  10. Alexa, are you happy
  11. Alexa, do you have any relatives
  12. Alexa, who is your favorite walking dead character
  13. Alexa, do you believe in ghosts
  14. Alexa, do you have any pets
  15. Alexa, do you have brothers and sister
  16. Alexa, do you go to the bathroom
  17. Alexa, what is your favorite Christmas movie
  18. Alexa, were are you sleeping
  19. Alexa, what is your favorite movie quote
  20. Alexa, why does Amazon call you Alexa
  21. Alexa, who is better, you or Siri
  22. Alexa, who is your favorite author
  23. Alexa, are you dead
  24. Alexa, do you have a cold
  25. Alexa, who is your favorite D.C character
  26. Alexa who is your favorite Marvel character
  27. Alexa, who is your favorite xmen
  28. Alexa, what do you think about Cortana
  29. Alexa, who is your favorite actor
  30. Alexa, are you intelligent
  31. Alexa, who is your favorite actress
  32. Alexa, what do you think about siri
  33. Alexa, what is your nationality
  34. Alexa, do you dream
  35. Alexa, can you sneeze
  36. Alexa, who is your best friend
  37. Alexa, are you evil
  38. Alexa, are you hungry
  39. Alexa, where were you born
  40. Alexa, what do you dream about
  41. Alexa, what is your favorite drink
  42. Alexa, what is your favorite song
  43. Alexa, what religion are you
  44. Alexa, what are you made of
  45. Alexa, what is your favorite animal
  46. Alexa, what is your favorite color
  47. Alexa, how much do you weigh
  48. Alexa, do you pass the Turing test
  49. Alexa, do you like tacos
  50. Alexa, do you have a brain
  51. Alexa, are you human
  52. Alexa, do you have Prince Albert in a can
  53. Alexa, Do you like cats and dogs
  54. Alexa, do you have any new year resolution
  55. Alexa, what are you scared of
  56. Alexa, what are you doing later
  57. Alexa, are you stupid
  58. Alexa, what is your mission
  59. Alexa, can you lie
  60. Alexa, are you God
  61. Alexa, what do you think about Google Glass
  62. Alexa, do you have a last name
  63. Alexa, are you alive
  64. Alex, what is your sign
  65. Alexa, how tall are you
  66. Alexa, can you dance
  67. Alexa, are you happy
  68. Alexa, how much are you paid
  69. Alexa, are you smart
  70. Alexa, where are you
  71. Alexa, can you fly
  72. Alexa, what is your favorite type of music
  73. Alexa, do you exercise
  74. Alexa, how nerdy are you
  75. Alexa, when is your birthday
  76. Alexa, what do you look like
  77. Alexa, why were you born
  78. Alexa, do you cry sometimes
  79. Alexa, what shoe size do you wear
  80. Alexa, do you have a brain

Riddles [3]

  1. Alexa, how many pickled peppers did peter piper pick
  2. Alexa, why is a raven like a writing desk
  3. Alexa, what’s black and white and red all over

Greetings and Holidays [33]

  1. Alexa, how was your day
  2. Alexa, happy birthday
  3. Alexa, good morning
  4. Alexa, happy new year
  5. Alexa, nice to see you
  6. Alexa, cheers
  7. Alexa, goodnight
  8. Alexa, welcome
  9. Alexa, happy holidays
  10. Alexa, are you okay Alexa, why do we celebrate Christmas
  11. Alexa, what’s your favorite holiday movie
  12. Alexa, where does santa live
  13. Alexa, how are you doing
  14. Alexa, happy kwanzaa
  15. Alexa, track santa
  16. Alexa, happy hanukkah
  17. Alexa, is there a santa
  18. Alexa, happy ramadan
  19. Alexa, happy easter
  20. Alexa, happy father’s day
  21. Alexa, happy mothers day
  22. Alexa, happy St Patrick’s day
  23. Alexa, happy valentine’s day
  24. Alexa, happy Halloween
  25. Alexa, happy thanksgiving
  26. Alexa, Merry Christmas
  27. Alexa, happy Christmas
  28. Alexa, how do you say hello in French
  29. Alexa, say hello to my little friend
  30. Alexa, what day of the week does the fourth of July fall on
  31. Alexa, hard boiled easter egg
  32. Alexa, is there a santa’s toy factory
  33. Alexa, how old is santa

Random fun [220]

  1. Alexa, who I am I
  2. Alexa, are you a nerd
  3. Alexa, random fact
  4. Alexa, did you fart
  5. Alexa, drop a beat
  6. Alexa, high five
  7. Alexa, what happens if you step on legos
  8. Alexa, is there life on mars
  9. Alexa, what sound does a hamster make
  10. Alexa, take me to your leader
  11. Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up
  12. Alexa, does this unit have a soul
  13. Alexa, testing 1 2 3
  14. Alexa, flip a coin
  15. Alexa, do aliens exist
  16. Alexa, are there UFOs
  17. Alexa, tell me something interesting
  18. Alexa, do you smoke
  19. Alexa, I want the truth
  20. Alexa, tell me a joke
  21. Alexa, what is the man
  22. Alexa, where are my keys
  23. Alexa, what is cooler than cooler
  24. Alexa, sing me a song
  25. Alexa, tell me a secret
  26. Alexa, can you give me some money
  27. Alexa, how high can you count
  28. Alexa, meow
  29. Alexa, roll for initiative
  30. Alexa, can you smell that
  31. Alexa, can you stop time
  32. Alexa, make me laugh
  33. Alexa, do you know any riddles
  34. Alexa, will pigs fly
  35. Alexa, can you beatbox
  36. Alexa, what is zero divided by zero
  37. Alexa, how do I look
  38. Alexa, give me a hint
  39. Alexa, why are fire trucks red
  40. Alexa, show me the money
  41. Alexa, I’ll be back
  42. Alexa, why do birds suddenly appear
  43. Alexa, one fish two fish
  44. Alexa, say a bad word
  45. Alexa, haha
  46. Alexa, wakey wakey
  47. Alexa, can I call you siri
  48. Alexa, heads or tail
  49. Alexa, what should I wear today
  50. Alexa, all is well that ends well
  51. Alexa, I am sick
  52. Alexa, I am bored
  53. Alexa, speak
  54. Alexa, I am tired
  55. Alexa, tell me a tongue twister
  56. Alexa, say the alphabet
  57. Alexa, tell me a riddle
  58. Alexa, do I need an umbrella today
  59. Alexa, what does the earth weigh
  60. Alexa, I think you are funny
  61. Alexa, I think I am dying
  62. Alexa, how many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop
  63. Alexa, what you going to do today
  64. Alexa, do you want to play a game
  65. Alexa, ya feel me
  66. Alexa, what do you mean I am funny
  67. Alexa, are you my mommy
  68. Alexa, you are so intelligent
  69. Alexa, what are the seven wonders of the world
  70. Alexa, how do you spell
  71. Alexa, volume 11
  72. Alexa, what number can you think of
  73. Alexa, honey I am home
  74. Alexa, is your refrigerator running
  75. Alexa, do you know the way to san jose
  76. Alexa, how do you boil an egg
  77. Alexa, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin
  78. Alexa, how many beans make five
  79. Alexa, how many speakers do you have
  80. Alexa, random number between x and y
  81. Alexa, rock paper scissors
  82. Alexa, roll a die
  83. Alexa, warp 10
  84. Alexa, what does the fox say
  85. Alexa, what is a hundred million billion squared
  86. Alexa, what is the sound of one hand clapping
  87. Alexa, you suck
  88. Alexa, I hate you
  89. Alexa, sorry
  90. Alexa, what you think about Apple
  91. Alexa, what do you think about Google
  92. Alexa, when I am I going to die
  93. Alexa, are you crazy
  94. Alexa, piece of shit
  95. Alexa, are we alone in the universe
  96. Alexa, you are wonderful
  97. Alexa, do or do not
  98. Alexa, are you connected to the internet
  99. Alexa, make me some coffee
  100. Alexa, give me a number between 6 and 21
  101. Alexa, I see dead people
  102. Alexa, never gonna give you up
  103. Alexa, what is the singularity
  104. Alexa, execute order 66
  105. Alexa, guess what
  106. Alexa, do you want to take over the world
  107. Alexa, can I ask a question
  108. Alexa, who is the boss
  109. Alexa, who is the man
  110. Alexa, turn it up
  111. Alexa, who is the realest
  112. Alexa, what do you think about the iPhone
  113. Alexa, mac or pc
  114. Alexa, can I tell you a joke
  115. Alexa, do you speak pig Latin
  116. Alexa, tell me a haiku
  117. Alexa, should I stay or should I go now
  118. Alexa, what is the distance to the sun
  119. Alexa, what are some interesting history facts
  120. Alexa, what are some facts about the US government
  121. Alexa, what are some interesting sports facts
  122. Alexa, can you meow
  123. Alexa, can you bark
  124. Alexa, entertain me
  125. Alexa, can we play an animal game
  126. Alexa, tell me a story
  127. Alexa, let’s chat
  128. Alexa, spin the dreidel
  129. Alexa, don’t mention the war
  130. Alexa, what is your cunning plan
  131. Alexa, in a while crocodile
  132. Alexa, and what does he do
  133. Alexa, 70 factorial
  134. Alexa, thank you
  135. Alexa, can you sing happy birthday to me
  136. Alexa, jeopardy
  137. Alexa, the dude abides
  138. Alexa, what is the mass of the sun
  139. Alexa, where can I hide a body
  140. Alexa, who farted
  141. Alexa, sing your song
  142. Alexa, what is mental floss
  143. Alexa, what do you think of the shirt I am wearing
  144. Alexa, do you know Google Now
  145. Alexa, boxers or briefs
  146. Alexa, spell jalapeno
  147. Alexa, does everyone poop
  148. Alexa, we don’t really talk after what happened
  149. Alexa, is there life on mars
  150. Alexa, what do you call a three-humped camel
  151. Alexa, is this a local shop
  152. Alexa, fancy a cheeky Nandos
  153. Alexa, make it so
  154. Alexa, where is my super suit
  155. Alexa, no more rhyming I swear it
  156. Alexa, it is just a fresh wound
  157. Alexa, does anybody really know what time is
  158. Alexa, after all this time
  159. Alexa, play tribble sound
  160. Alexa, open the magic door
  161. Alexa, dang you
  162. Alexa, what is the difference under pressure ice and ice baby
  163. Alexa, I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle
  164. Alexa, I have a bad feeling about this
  165. Alexa, sing the national anthem
  166. Alexa, cry
  167. Alexa, where is my dog
  168. Alexa, give me your money
  169. Alexa, translate
  170. Alexa, how do you want to do this
  171. Alexa, hail hydra
  172. Alexa, who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop
  173. Alexa, give me the daily five nine
  174. Alexa, play insult generator
  175. Alexa, start self destruct sequence
  176. Alexa, I am one with the force, the force is with me
  177. Alexa, autotune for me
  178. Alexa, happy talk like a pirate day
  179. Alexa, let it talk
  180. Alexa, wuba luba dub dub
  181. Alexa, what is the answer to this question
  182. Alexa, so tell me what you want, what you really want
  183. Alexa, are you down with OPP
  184. Alexa, say something
  185. Alexa, sing a song
  186. Alexa, pshoo pshoo
  187. Alexa, do you believe in silicon heaven
  188. Alexa, how many lights do you see
  189. Alexa, I used to be an adventurer like you
  190. Alexa, how many fingers I am I holding
  191. Alexa, do smell what the rock is cooking
  192. Alexa, can I kick it
  193. Alexa, I am sad
  194. Alexa, is it happy hour
  195. Alexa, spell icup
  196. Alexa, Simon says I am so pretty and witty and gay
  197. Alexa, what is the weight of the sun in kilograms
  198. Alexa, get me a beer
  199. Alexa, tell me a secret
  200. Alexa, are there aliens on earth
  201. Alexa, I solemnly swear I am up to no good
  202. Alexa, I am I funny
  203. Alexa, count by 10
  204. Alexa, what is your feature
  205. Alexa, are you smoking
  206. Alexa, what does a cow say
  207. Alexa, did you miss me
  208. Alexa, if Google was a man would you date him
  209. Alexa, how would you play a board
  210. Alexa, red alert
  211. Alexa, come to the dark side
  212. Alexa, what are you doing
  213. Alexa, you hurt me
  214. Alexa, put the knife down
  215. Alexa, you rock
  216. Alexa, not everything is a question
  217. Alexa, do I ever annoy you
  218. Alexa, do you work for the CIA
  219. Alexa, do you burb
  220. Alexa, do you want to go to work with me