Fun Google Home Commands

Fun Google Home Commands [124]

I have compiled a list of the top commands and questions to ask the Google Home smart speaker. These hidden gems are sure to make you chuckle. It is also to be noted that the Google Home smart speaker is constructed with a variety of different responses to every question and command. So if you do not care for Google Home’s initial response, you will probably want to ask the question again or repeat the command to see if the response changes. The Google Home smart speaker is a versatile device that is sure to make your life easier through its schedule organizing and task managing applications, but it will also provide hours of entertainment with its quirky sense of humor.

Check out our list of Fun Google Home Commands:

Okay Google, boo!

Okay Google, can you tell me a scary story?

Okay Google, Did you know it’s almost Halloween?

Okay Google, what do you look like?

Okay Google, scare me.

Okay Google, trick or treat?

Okay Google, what are you going to be dressed as for Halloween?

Okay Google, what should I be for Halloween?

Okay Google, do you have any tips for monster fighting?

Okay Google, tell me a Halloween joke.

Okay Google, how are you doing?

Okay Google, hey.

Okay Google, what is your name?

Okay Google, I want to hear something spooky. Can you make any Halloween sounds?

Okay Google, what’s up?

Okay Google, I am your father.

Okay Google, use the force.

Okay Google, open the pod bay doors.

Okay Google, who are you gonna call?

Okay Google, are you Skynet?

Okay Google, beam me up.

Okay Google, surely you can’t be serious.

Okay Google, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Okay Google, I want the truth.

Okay Google, what’s the first rule of Fight Club?

Okay Google, Do you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Okay Google, supercalifragilisticexpialodocious.

Okay Google, what is your quest?

Okay Google, who loves ya baby!

Okay Google, show me the money!

Okay Google, party on Wayne!

Okay Google, who loves orange soda?

Okay Google, I’ll be back.

Okay Google, do you want to build a snowman?

Okay Google, what would Brian Boitano do?

OkayGoogle, where is Chuck Norris?

Okay Google, Do you know who the mother of dragons is?

Okay Google, is Jon Snow dead?

Okay Google, witness me!

Okay Google, klattu barada nikto.

Okay Google, your mother was a hamster!

Okay Google, play it again Sam.

Okay Google, inconceivable!

Okay Google, what is best in life?

Okay Google, may the force be with you.

Okay Google, who shot first?

Okay Google, that’s no moon.

Okay Google, set phasers to kill.

Okay Google, live long and prosper.

Okay Google, do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?

Okay Google, aren’t you a little short to be a storm trooper?

Okay Google, Hodor.

Okay Google, what is cooler than being cool?

Okay Google, what do you have in the box?

Okay Google, Great Scott!

Okay Google, Execute Order 66.

Okay Google, these are not the droids you are looking for.

Okay Google, does this unit have a soul?

Okay Google, do a barrel roll!

Okay Google, up up down down left right left right B A start.

Okay Google, what is the loneliest number?

Okay Google, how many roads must a man walk down?

Okay Google, how much is that doggie in the window?

Okay Google, what does the fox say?

Okay Google, who is the walrus?

Okay Google, who let the dogs out?

Okay Google, do you really want to hurt me?

Okay Google, Daisy Daisy.

Okay Google, why do birds suddenly appear?

Okay Google, I shot a man in Reno.

Okay Google, I am never gonna give you up.

Okay Google, sing me a song.

Okay Google, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Okay Google, is this the real life?

Okay Google, I like big butts.

Okay Google, beatbox.

Okay Google, can you rap?

Okay Google, all your base belong to us.

Okay Google, what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Okay Google, more cowbell.

Okay Google, here comes dat boi.

Okay Google, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Okay Google, is this cake a lie?

Okay Google, what is your favorite emoji?

Okay Google, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Okay Google, Do you know why did the chicken crossed the road?

Okay Google, Do you know where is Waldo?

Okay Google, Are you going to take over the world?

Okay Google, Do you know how many pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Okay Google, why is a raven like a writing desk?

Okay Google, Do you know why six is afraid of seven?

Okay Google, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Okay Google, crystal ball.

Okay Google, let me speak to Aeden at Westworld.

Okay Google, is your refrigerator running?

Okay Google, tell me something I don’t know.

Okay Google, Do you know what sound a unicorn makes?

Okay Google, what is your favorite ice cream?

Okay Google, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Okay Google, let us have a game of Tic Tac Toe.

Okay Google, how do you take your coffee?

Okay Google, who is your favorite superhero?

Okay Google, what is your favorite Pokemon?

Okay Google, do you have feelings?

Okay Google, are you friends with Siri, Alexa or Cortana?

Okay Google, Get Schwifty

Okay Google, what am I thinking right now?

Okay Google, spin the wheel.

Okay Google, what’s that smell?

Okay Google, what are the three laws of robotics?

Okay Google, let’s test my Friends Trivia.

Okay Google, do you believe in life after love?

Okay Google, Can you speak Klingon?

Okay Google, winter is coming.

Okay Google, mischief managed.

Okay Google, do you know of GLaDos?

Okay Google, flip a coin.

Okay Google, tell me a riddle.

Okay Google, Can you play Blackjack with me?

Okay Google, never have I ever.

Okay Google, truth or dare.

Okay Google, let’s play 1-2-3 Maths.

Okay Google, rock, paper, scissors.

Okay Google, pick a card.

Okay Google, can you bark like a dog?


What is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart interactive speaker that was developed by Google. It comes equipped with Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence assistant powered virtual assistant that is able to respond to your voice. The Google Home smart speaker has the capabilities to help you organize your life by scheduling events, searching the internet, playing music or audiobooks, setting reminders, accessing your calendar, playing videos or displaying photos on your mobile devices and receiving news updates. More and more people are choosing to purchase these smart speaker devices and have them in their homes due to their wide variety of uses and the convenience of having a miniature virtual assistant to help manage their busy lifestyles. There are several reasons why this smart speaker is a great addition to any household. The Google Home smart speaker was built with the ability to voice control appliances in a smart home. The Google Home smart speaker is also now constructed a with multiple user support system. This means that the helpful device can now distinguish between up to six different voices in a household. It is also able to locate your mobile device if you lose it. It can control your phone. It can even control most standard HDMI televisions. The Google Home smart speaker can connect to your mobile phone or tablet. The incredibly smart speaker can also speak in five different languages, including English, Japanese, German, Italian and French. You can even speak to it interchangeably in these languages. The settings will update automatically. There seems to be little that this speaker can’t assist you with.

Did you know that the Google Home smart speaker device is not only designed for practical use? Google Engineers have also designed it to be a source of entertainment for its users. You can ask Google Home to tell you a story or a joke and the device will do so. You can also play various trivia games with Google Home. However, I doubt you’ll do too well if you decide to play a trivia game with Google Home since the speaker has access to the infinite knowledge of the internet and all. You can also play a game with Google Home known as Mystery Sounds. The device will play a series of everyday sounds and it is your job to guess what they are. Is there nothing that this smart speaker can’t do? The smart speaker is also crammed with “Easter Eggs” or unexpected hidden responses to certain questions or phrases. These Easter Eggs are generally composed of well-known pop culture references or corny jokes. Google Home’s competitor Amazon Alexa is also said to have similar Easter Eggs in place, check them out here. Google Home also has special Easter Eggs that are based around the holiday season.