Ecobee Overheating House Suddenly

Ecobee Overheating House Suddenly? Here’s why!

The ecobee is one of the leading smart thermostat brands available in the market today. It has many different thermostat products under its belt, all working to keep home at a comfortable temperature without the hassle of adding too many inputs and adjusting at different times in a day. The ecobee can be used easily and is fast becoming a household staple that aids busy individuals who are into smart home devices, yet is your Ecobee Overheating House Suddenly? if yes, then read on.

A smart device for a more comfortable home

The ecobee is Wi-Fi enabled and can let you monitor your home’s temperature away from home as long as you are connected on a Wi-Fi. The aim of the ecobee is to manage the overall temperature of one’s home. It is smart enough to adjust the temperature of rooms through its room sensors.

The ecobee4, one of the variations of the product, has a built-in Alexa as one of its features. It can also hear a voice from across the room since it has an embedded microphone with far-field voice recognition. Aside from being a thermostat, it can do a lot of things to aid you at home. Like play music and help you with your recipe in cooking. When you are away from home, you can easily connect Ecobee on your Android or Apple phones.

Overheating Issues

First-time users of ecobee have encountered various issues about the product, particularly overheating. There are many reasons for this and many factors to consider. Let us enumerate them below.

Installation. While it is very simple to use the ecobee, it can be confusing to install it. This is especially true to individuals who are not used to installing devices with wires and ecobee has a lot.

The ecobee needs to be installed by someone who already has knowledge in wiring and it would surely take a lot of time. If the wires got mixed up, the device can lead to overcooling or overheating your rooms. All of the ecobee products — the ecobee4, ecobee3 lite, and ecobee3 — come with trim plates and wires at the back, along with the thermostat and room sensor. It can get overwhelming though it claims that is it easy to install. To aid this, ecobee included and complete and useful manual in the box with the item. A step by step process can also be found in their website and a video installation process can be downloaded as well. If you are going to spend a whole day installing your ecobee, check these resources first and see if you manage it. Don’t have a C-Wire – Find out how to Install the Ecobee 4 Without a C-Wire, here.

Ecobee does have excellent customer service support. Their phone technicians can also guide you with the installation process or help you work with an expert to install the device.

This process, of course, has to be scheduled prior to the visit. Through their website, you can connect with an ecobee certified installer in your area just by typing in your address. Ecobee’s contractors and probably people from your area who signed up to train and be a contractor through their website. The service fee can be quite high but it saves you so much hassle of setting up your device and it’s going to be worth it in the long run.

Room Sensors. Different rooms in the house can have various different kinds of temperature, taking into consideration the position of the room and the style. The ecobee, as part of their product offerings, have room sensors that you can buy separately with your device. These sensors have a different installation process as well.

Each ecobee comes with one sensor included in the box. Upon installation and the set up process, you can use the sensor to control the room temperature. If you set the sensor to control the temperature in the living room and make it warmer, it can make most of your home warmer. Of course, this is not what the ecobee is for. It is a smart device that set various temperatures according to your need. It aims to save your time so you won’t have to manually control the settings every time. The key here is to check the settings of your ecobee. The thermostat might only be showing a temperature depending on the sensor. You can adjust it and make it an average so it will display the average temperature needed by your home.

Another solution is to get more sensors for the different rooms. The ecobee can average a room temperature but it can also be paired with room sensors to give you the preferred temperature for your rooms. Through this, hot or cold spots or worse, overheating can be prevented, giving you the comfort that you need. The sensors can also detect occupancy in a room.

Most houses don’t really come with an automatic HVAC in their system so when the heater or AC is up, it has the tendency to pump it all in the whole house, using a lot of energy in the process. The ecobee knows this well thus introducing the room sensors to keep the temperatures at bay, combating the hot and cold spots.

Ecobee Thermostat and SensorWhen you, for example, place your sensor in the office which at 72 degrees but the thermostat says 68, your ecobee will try to heat or cool the home at about 71, acting as a middle ground. You can pair up to 32 sensors with one thermostat and this is perfect for homes with many rooms and even for small offices.

Aside from averaging the temperature at home, the sensors also have a “Follow Me” feature that detects if the room is occupied or not. It adjusts the temperature when there is actually someone in the room making it more comfortable. When you get home tired from the office, your ecobee will work to reach the temperature you set when the room is occupied. Here, you no longer need to manually adjust it. You can watch your favorite show without hassle.

Again, all of these comes with proper installation and setup. The ecobee and its sensors, when used right is superb. These sensors can be heavily customized based on your desired schedule.

However, overheating or overcooling cannot be prevented if one of these things go wrong. It will take time to learn how these sensors work. For more details about the sensor, it will also help to ask assistance from the customer support group. They can give you the right information regarding room sensors.

Home Temperature. One room will always be warmer than the other. When seasons are changing, there will be hot spots or cold spots in a home and it can be very hard to prevent it.

A regular thermostat won’t be able to regulate the room temperature in an average in a whole home and it can lead to overheating and overcooling. The same thing can happen with the ecobee if not used correctly.

The ecobee works so well with averaging the room temperature. The sensors, which can be adjusted even though the smartphone, can help adjust the overall feel of a home. If you have one ecobee that is central in controlling the home temperature, it is essential to have two or more sensors so that one part of the house won’t be warmer than the rest.

You could put one sensor in the basement, one on the main floor, and one upstairs, so they can be able to work together in maintaining the average room temperature. Homes have different temperatures during different seasons and this can be an issue if one room is comfy while the others are hot. Most complain about ecobee overheating because of this factor but with proper use and setup, it can be managed.

Smart Recovery Feature. This is a very important feature of the ecobee. The Smart Recovery Feature, when used right, can make a great impact on an overall temperature of the room, making you more comfortable.

New ecobee users or those who are not yet familiar with all the settings may find sometimes that their home is hotter than usual or colder than the temperature that is originally set even when the adjustments has already been made. All of these are due to this certain smart feature.

As a smart thermostat, the ecobee accumulates data continuously, taking into consideration the weather in and outside the home. The data accumulated are then used for the Smart Recovery which heats or cools your home ahead of time before your next schedule. The higher the difference is in set points between programmed settings, the longer the feature will run before reaching the next set point.

Smart Recovery Feature is all about taking things gradually. For example, if you want your room to cool to 70 degrees at around 9 in the evening, the ecobee will be the one to decide when it should start the cooling process to reach the desired temperature on its scheduled time.

Most questions about ecobee overheating a room is mostly because of the Smart Recovery. The good news is, this feature can be disabled completely and you can just go ahead and set your desired temperature without the feature interfering especially if you are going to be away and you will be controlling the ecobee from your app. But equipped with the right knowledge, this feature is actually awesome.

Unit might be dysfunctional. Probably the last thing that you should take into consideration when your ecobee suddenly overheats the room is when the device you have is actually dysfunctional.

The ecobee has definitely improved in terms of their customer support and they can walk you through the process of fixing you ecobee and it’s setting even over the phone. And yes, it includes even the wiring. If you happen to install the ecobee by yourself and do you did everything even with the help of the customer support but your unit still overheats the room, they will be quick to acknowledge that it might not be working. The customer support will then arrange a replacement and send a new ecobee your way. This rarely happens but you would notice it if the heating is actually on an extreme level, even if you have learned to manage the Smart Recovery.

The ecobee has its headquarters in Canada but US customers can be assured that the customer support team is indeed doing its job and would seriously send you a new unit.

Overall thoughts on the ecobee

The ecobee, no doubt, is a smart device and is truly a great aid in controlling the temperature at home. However, installing it is not easy. While there are manuals and even video tutorial guides available, it would still take up all your effort and energy though in a good way. The drilling can be time-consuming, right? Plus, it has a lot of wires so you better not install it if you have no idea on how to do it properly. Call an expert if you must.

Also, getting started with the ecobee, taking into consideration its features and the proper setting needed, requires a lot of time and you really need to read it, learn it, and re-read it. And while it is a complex device, it is still a preferred choice among smart thermostat because of its many abilities. The Smart Recovery Feature is one and it has the ability to customize our HVAC system. Once you really get the hang of it, you will see its beauty and you will love it.

The ecobee3 is suitable for homes and individuals who needs it as it is and it is compatible with Aleca. The ecobee4 however, is perfect to those who are in need of a really smart thermostat and device. It can be your Amazon’s Echo at home. And with that as a great feature, it certainly works more than just a thermostat.

The ecobee also has a sleek, minimalist design that can perfectly fit any homes. Details are easy to see and it so good to look at. Overall, it is fairly a great investment for home.

Ecobee Overheating House Suddenly