Best Outdoor Security Camera for Cold Weather

Best Outdoor Security Camera for Cold Weather

There are a lot of outdoor security cameras available in the market today, and as you know some places in the USA are cold and I mean cold (and other places around the world as well – Like Antarctica!) and this can really affect the performance of an outdoor camera, and if it can’t stand the really cold weather or a heavy snow-storm, the camera may fail. Some may start to lag and others will start to slowly deteriorate making another purchase necessary. So it’s best to invest in a heavy-duty security outdoor camera that can stand any weather. Read on to find out the Best Outdoor Security Camera for Cold Weather – very cold.

The Best Camera for Cold Weather is the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is the best cold weather camera, this is backed up by all the reviews!

Here is a list of all of the ones I have looked into:

Top 2 things to consider before purchasing a camera that can stand a cold weather

  1. Your local season and temperature. This is the first thing that you should consider if you are buying a cold weather security camera. Know the different season present in your country or your local area and know how long each season lasts. Will the summer months be brief and the cold weather longer? Does it snow? What about other weather conditions? A security camera with an option to withstand a higher or lower temperature definitely costs more than an ordinary camera equipped with outstanding features. Before buying for your home, check if the camera you are eyeing can handle the cold weather in your area. Remember, you don’t need to buy a security camera that can withstand a temperature of -30°C when the local temperature in your area can go as low as-8°C only. But remember to make some adjustment because in this day and age and because of global warming, the weather is extremely unpredictable. Some cold weather cameras can operate and withstand a much higher temperature than what they actually claim. Before the purchase, be sure to do your research first and check the temperature online on many different weather websites.
  2. The operating temperature of the security camera. Remember that the operating temperature in a cold weather security camera can be seen in the manual page of the device. Before doing a purchase, ask the staff first about what temperature can the camera withstand. The operating temperature varies per camera. Some cameras can perform on a temperature of -10°C, while some can stand up to-30°C or even-45°C. It is important to check also the design and see if it’s durable enough to stand extreme weather.

    Also, check the camera’s IP rating. CCTV cameras available in the market use an IP (International Protection) rating for consumers to know the level of weatherproof protection of the camera (protection against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, accidental contact, and water in an electrical enclosure). It has the letters “IP” followed by two digit numbers.

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (* The Best)

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is the best cold weather cameras and reviews for this camera reinforces that. If you experience extreme changes in weather, that is, the unusually cold temperature during winter, and you are looking for Home Security, then this is your camera. It is the most durable and dependable outdoor camera.

The camera markets itself as the “first line of defense” for your home. Given that, it is weatherproof, tamper resistant and whatever weather it may be, the video quality won’t be a problem, it gives you confidence in its ability to do what needs to be done with Home Security.

The Nest Cam IQ camera can also detect a person or a movement from up to 50 feet away and send you a snap on your phone. An add on feature, the Nest Aware can even recognize a face.

The camera has a 4k sensor, has a 1080p HD super sight that can send clear close-ups and up to 12x digital zoom, and a built-in mic with noise and echo suppression. It can also record snaps from the last 3 hours of activity.

Other features include: strong Wi-Fi connectivity, clear night visions with infrared LED light and a secure and locked mount which is impossible to tamper with.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is IP66 rated. This means that the camera is protected from high-pressure water jets and heavy dust. The camera has an operational temperature range of -40° to 113°F (–40° to 45°C).

What’s in the Box?

  • Nest Cam IQ outdoor camera
  • Wallplate
  • Outdoor power cable
  • Indoor power adapter
  • Hex key
  • Screws
  • Cable clips
  • Wall anchors
  • Installation Guide

Installing the device
It is very easy to install the security camera on your own. Just drill a hole and use an indoor outlet for power supply. If you are going to use an outdoor outlet, there is an available Weatherproof Power Adapter, yet it is sold separately.

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor kit also comes with screws and a locking mount bracket. The supported app works well with smart phones and brings about amazing notifications, unlike others.

The video quality of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor in cold weather
Since the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is IP66 certified, the video quality remains absolutely incredible. With this camera, the surveillance video remains clear with no lagging under an extreme drop in the weather. The brand stands by its words with all the features, including audio, working perfectly well.

This security camera’s night vision also works superbly on times when the weather is cold and the days are all but dark. Remember is some areas, winter is equivalent to darker days. This means that your safety won’t be compromised during weather changes.

Pros of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
The motion detection and the 3-hour activity snaps of the Nest Cam IQ are awesome. On top of that, the close-up tracking feature (a zoom of up to 12x the regular) day or night is cream on the top and some of the best reasons why you need this camera system.

The camera is very easy to set up and works well with other Nest products. You can download add-ons to enhance the camera and the two-way audio which is crystal clear. The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor camera is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Cons of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is awesome, yet that comes at a price and this camera is undoubtedly expensive compared to other cold weather cameras. This may be ok if you want a quality product and you live in a place where the temperature really drops.

The camera, as stated in its features can only record up to three hours of free cloud storage. Everything the camera detects a movement or sound, it will record a clip and store it to the cloud for you to review at a later time. If you need more, you need to subscribe to Nest Aware at an additional cost.

The facial recognition is also an add-on feature that you can get only with Nest Aware so aside from the cost of the camera, you need to spend more on the add-on features.

IQ Wired Outdoor Security Camera | 2 Pack
  • Single pack (Only 1 outdoor IQ camera)

Runner-up cameras that can stand cold weather


This security camera though surprisingly cheap is also a great camera for cold weather. Purchase this if you are working on a budget but want a relatively cheap yet effective gadget.

The Husky is probably perfect for places where the temperature drop does not go beyond expected. This camera is specifically designed as an outdoor Wi-Fi camera with 1080 video and has an IP66 rating, similar to the Nest Cam IQ. That being said, it is, built to stand a temperature of -22° to 140°F (–30° to 60°C).

It even has a local storage feature in which you can save via SD Card or Local NVR but it requires a monthly fee for cloud storage as well. It has motion detection and night vision features, just like the more expensive options. One of the downsides of this security camera, however, is that it does not have two-way audio, which is a good feature to have.

If you are looking for a straight-up, cold weather security camera with all the amazing features and superb video quality minus the ability to have two-way audio communication, then this is the one for you. The design of this camera is on point as well. There is no doubt that it can withstand the frigid weather.

EZVIZ EZHUSKYG16 Husky 1080p Outdoor Bullet Camera with 16GB
  • Note:Please note that the Micro SD card is pre-installed in the unit. You would need to open the panel underneath the camera in order to find it
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately).
  • EZVIZ MEETS ALEXA – Our WiFi Cameras can now be controlled by Alexa through Echo Show Simply ask her to show you the baby’s room, the backyard, or anywhere you have an EZVIZ camera Stay tuned for new skills as our relationship with Alexa grows The Husky camera can also be controlled by other smart home IoT devices through IFTTT
  • Image maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080.ADVANTAGES OF WIRELESS - No more difficult cable wiring You can deploy the Husky easily and quickly anywhere with WiFi, and retrieve images and live recording from your tablet and smartphone
  • BENEFITS OF POWER OVER ETHERNET - Eliminates the unnecessary electrical components You can reduce your installation and maintenance expense (No AC power or AC/DC adapter) You can easily move, change, upgrade or modify existing network without hassle.Wireless Standard IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n


This brand is actually a porch light and a security camera in one so the features here are split but it is very functional in its own right. It offers different kinds of porch lights with CCTV functionality. The thing with KUNA is, if you want a camera and a porch light in one, then this is an option.

KUNA has an IP44 rating and according to the team behind it, can also withstand a temperature of -40° to 113°F (–40° to 45°C), a feature similar to the Nest Cam IQ. However, KUNA has a relatively low resolution and field of reach. The light, since it is connected to the wiring is always on, day and night. It comes in four designs: traditional, contemporary, craftsman, and coach.

It has motion detection, and will automatically record and save it to the cloud storage for later viewing. If you are looking to replace your porch light or simply want a security camera that can withstand cold weather, this might be the option for you.

However, it is only great in that aspect. The video and audio quality remains low and the night vision depends on the light only, so the images are not quite clear as well. This camera can work, no doubt, but it is just meant to have simple surveillance which is not that ok considering its price. There are probably other cheaper options that KUNA with great video quality but it is a runner up for its design and functionality.

Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight

The Ring brand is known for its video doorbell products. However, this particular brand also offers great outdoor security camera suitable for cold weather.

The Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is a weatherproof camera with a brightness of 350 lumens, an IP54 Rating, and 1080p video quality. This is perfect if you don’t want to use a rechargeable one with batteries. Here, you can just have a weatherproof outdoor outlet that can be reached by the cameras 20-foot-long power cord. The Spotlight Cam also comes equipped with lights. While it does not have the facial recognition feature, it does have motion detection. Aside from the wired version, other variations include Ring Spotlight Cam Solar which comes with a solar panel, Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and Ring Spotlight Cam Mount which is wires into an existing electrical box. That said, only Spotlight Cam Wired and Mount are stated to work in temperatures up to about -22°F (-30°C). the battery and solar cam have an operating temperature range of about. The battery, however, won’t be able to stand a long cold winter day. And while the Ring Cam battery does come with one battery, it is best to invest in additional ones just to be sure.

Another one on the Ring series of weatherproof camera is the Ring Floodlight, with lightning features brighter than the other versions with two 300° Kelvin floodlights. However, its IP rating is unknown. According to the manufacturer, it can also stand a cold weather temperature of about -4°F (-20°C). Its features include motion activated light facial recognition, and siren. It has a 140° field of view.

The Ring Spotlight series and Ring Floodlight are all compatible with Echo Show, Echo Spot, FireTV, Google Assistant, Wink, Stringify.

OCO Pro Dome

This traditional home security camera has an IP66 rating and can work on temperature up to about and slightly beyond -13°F (-25°C). The Pro Dome is designed to stand weather conditions that are a bit extreme. It is indeed built for the outdoors.

Oco Pro Dome has a resolution of 1080p and 107.5 Degrees field of view. It has cloud storage but can work also with an SD Card. According to its manufacturer, the Pro Dome can sustain “extreme cold and heat” plus it has features like smart motion detection and night vision.

OCO Pro Dome v2 WiFi Weatherproof and Vandal-Proof Security Camera with Micro SD Card and Cloud Storage - 1080p Day/Night Outdoor/Indoor IP Surveillance System with Remote Monitoring
  • Weather and vandal proof - Oco Pro Dome is weather and vandal proof and is built to sustain extreme weather conditions
  • No NVR Needed - Store all video in the Cloud and on a local Micro SD Card
  • Crisp FullHD - Oco Pro cameras support Full HD video quality
  • Smart Self-learning Motion Detection system learns every hour you use it to avoid false notifications
  • You don't need to pay monthly fees to access all camera features in addition to 24h Cloud Storage for 10 sec

SpotCam Sense Pro

The brand’s outdoor camera has an IP65 Rating and can operate on a temperature of about and slightly beyond -30° C. It has 12 IR LEDs that provide a good night vision and 155 degrees with angle lens. This home security camera also has a mic and a speaker that works perfectly well for its two-way audio communication and a built-in siren that comes in handy for emergency purposes. While the hardware of the camera is a bit bigger, the features and video quality is great.

Other features of the Sense Pro include motion detection, push notifications in case of detected activity, and an easy to operate the app. The security camera also boasts of temperature, humidity, and illumination sensors.

The SpotCam Sense Pro has 24-hour cloud storage and you can view recorded videos however, you can’t download them directly on your phone. There is an option however to download it on, a web portal in which you can view your videos. Price may be a bit higher for the quality but it is guaranteed durable and can last longer.

Blink XT

Most consumers recommend this type of security camera as one of the best in cold weather just like the Nest Cam IQ. The sleek, black design is a very appealing plus, it is wireless, lightweight, and has free cloud storage. Inside the box, you will get a camera, a cloud storage hub named the Sync Module, USB cable, power adapter, two AA lithium batteries, manual, mount, screws, and adhesive strips.

The Blink XT Camera has an IP65 and it has an operating temperature of -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C). Consumers love it because it’s very user-friendly. The app is very easy to use as well and there is no additional charge for the cloud storage. For smart home dwellers, this camera is compatible with Amazon’s Echo in which you can view video clips and get a live view from Blink cameras. While Blink XT is undeniable a good camera for cold weather and is completely waterproof, the video quality is not A-OK. During daylight with the help of sunlight, you would get what you need from this camera however, during dull weather or during the night time, the video can be a little bit fuzzy. Though lagging-wise, there is no issue and it runs smoothly. Another con for the device is that you cannot zoom, pan, or tilt the camera through the app as you have to do it manually.

The Blink XT can be your home security camera for cold weather if you want something that is affordable, battery-powered and easy to use, and has free cloud storage.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 3 Camera Kit - 1st Gen
  • WEATHERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR OR INDOOR USE: Place and move your wireless Blink camera anywhere around your home both inside and out. Start off with a small system and expand to up to 10 cameras on one Blink Sync Module.
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, Wi-Fi cameras will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud.
  • BATTERY POWERED SECURITY SYSTEM: Wireless home camera with 2-year battery life, powered by 2 Lithium AA 1.5v non-rechargeable Lithium batteries (included), data is sent from IP cameras over Wi-Fi.
  • SMART HOME VIDEO SECURITY WITH HD VIDEO: Simple self-install home monitoring in minutes; easy to control wireless cameras with the free Blink Home Monitor iOS or Android app (Requires iOS 10.3 or Android 5 Lollipop or higher).
  • FREE CLOUD STORAGE: Totally wire-free, with no monthly fees or service contract required.


Good research is necessary before buying a home security camera that can stand cold weather, especially if you live with extremes.

Considering the features and the quality even for a higher cost, the Nest Cam IQ is undoubtedly the best smart home security camera for cold weather. It is built with the outdoor and the cold in mind but it is perfectly suited for the warm temperature too. It is a complete package. There is probably no other camera more capable at the moment, especially if you live in a place where weather changes are unpredictable. If you do not mind paying extra for the (high) subscription costs of Nest Aware, this is the surveillance camera of choice.

If you have browsed through the list of “runner ups” and is considering other choices for your security camera, bear in mind that there are still other cameras out there that are perfect for the cold weather if that is what you are looking for. However, features may vary. Some have superb video quality but poor night vision. Some have everything except the two-way audio.

In the end, it is still about your preference.