Best Key Finders

Best Key Finders: Tile vs. Chipolo vs. Orbit vs. Mynt

Key finders are small electronic devices used to find misplaced or stolen items such as keys, wallets, backpacks, and pets, among other things. The best key finders on the market make this process easier by offering highly useful search features. Tile Pro, Chipolo, Orbit, and Mynt are the four big names that you can easily find under the top 5 best key finders.

But which is the best Key Finder. and how do these electronic units fare compared to one another?

1. Tile Pro Key Finder

Tile Pro is the latest key finder from Tile that offers excellent performance. If you can ignore the high cost, then this one is the best unit to have in your accessories. The unit has been made to easily find your key, thanks to its extensive Bluetooth range that covers almost 400 feet. Besides that, it has a loud ring that makes it easier to find your valuables.

To find your things, here is how Tile Pro works. First, you can use the Tile Pro app to ring your Tile if it’s nearby. In case it’s quite far away, then you can find its location on the map. In case you are looking for a device such as your phone, you can double press Tile’s button, and your smartphone will ring. This is regardless of if it’s in silent mode.

What is the missing item is out of the range? Well, you can use the community to find features by connecting to one of the most significant lost-and-found communities in the world. With the community find, everyone using this app and is within the range of your lost item can effectively update you of its location. For efficiency and ease of use, you can share your Tiles Pro app with your friend or a loved one to enhance its efficiency.

Key Features

  • Wide covering range: Powerful Bluetooth range covering a distance of 400 ft. This is a superb addition for anyone who needs a finder with a super strong design and high performance.
  • Loudness: It has a volume of 128 dB.
  • Ring to find your phone: you can do this by double-pressing the tile button on Tile Pro.
  • Map Location: Locate something that you left behind by seeing it on the map.
  • Community find feature: you can use it to recruit an exclusive member team to help locate a lost item.
  • Battery life: Tile Pro uses a replaceable battery (CR2032) that can efficiently power the key finder for a year without replacement or maintenance.


  • A wide Bluetooth coverage range in addition to a loud ring
  • It has been specifically designed to fit different lifestyles
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with a replaceable battery
  • Users don’t need a premium subscription to access the core features


  • The key finder is quite expensive
  • Its design isn’t highly attractive, and it’s limited to two color options only.
Tile Pro (2020) 2-pack - High Performance Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags, and More; 400 ft Range, Water Resistance and 1 Year Replaceable Battery
  • FIND KEYS, BAGS & MORE -- Directly attach the powerful Pro to keys, backpacks, purses or anything else you need to keep track of regularly and use our free app on iOS or Android to find them.Keep track of more for less or give them to your friends and family as a gift.
  • FIND NEARBY -- Use the Tile app to ring your Pro when it’s within 400 ft. or ask your Smart Home device to find it for you. Tile works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri.
  • FIND FAR AWAY -- When outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location or enlist the secure and anonymous help of the Tile Network to aid in your search.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE -- Use your Tile to find your phone, even when it’s on silent.
  • UPGRADE YOUR FINDING EXPERIENCE -- Subscribe to Premium or Premium Protect for proactive finding features and enhanced services including Item Reimbursement, Smart Alerts, and Free Battery Replacement.

2. Chipolo One Key Finder

There are a lot of things that can make life quite messy, leading to constant forgetfulness. However, you don’t need to spend hours manually searching for your valuables anymore. Chipolo One is a classic key finder that has been designed to help you locate your misplaced valuable quickly.

You no longer have to precisely place your keys, smartphone, or wallet in one place always because of the fear of misplacing them. With Chipolo One, you can comfortably leave them at any safe place without thinking twice.

The unit comes with a 200 ft. Working range. This is quite a long distance and within a good range of tracing your misplaced items. Chipolo One allows you to track your valuables by conveniently attaching the key finder to any item and then using your smartphone to keep track.

It should be noted that in case you have misplaced your phone; it comes with a phone finder. Simply double press the Chipolo button, and your phone will ring loudly, even if it’s in silent mode. Alternatively, you can use the web application to specifically find its location or allow the phone finder to send a message call to your smartphone.

If you can’t find an item with the tracker or phone finder? Well, there is a community search option. Mark, it lost, and then the broader community within your surroundings will notify you of any findings. If they come across it, you will get a notification immediately regarding its current location.

Chipolo One has been made with better stability in addition to a great replaceable battery. The CR2025 battery can power the unit for up to 9 months, and it takes less than a minute to replace the battery without any extra tool.

Key Features

  • Item tracking: Keep track of your valuable by attaching it to Chipolo key finder.
  • Phone finder: Double press the Chipolo button to find your phone even if it’s in silent mode.
  • Community Search: Join the exclusive community search to recruit a larger number of people who can help you locate a missing item.
  • Range and volume: It has a Bluetooth range of 200 ft. And loudness of up to 120 dB.
  • Battery lifespan: Uses the CR2025 replaceable battery that can last up to 9 months.


  • A great key finder that allows you to track your valuables and find your phone
  • Has a large member community that can help you to track a missing item easily
  • Uses a lasting and replaceable battery
  • Always alerts you if you leave without your valuable


  • The battery replacement can get tricky sometimes.


3. Orbit Key Finder

It’s rated as the most attractive key finder thanks to its excellent and unique design style. This is a gorgeous addition for anyone who wants to keep checking their valuables while still conscious of their style. This is a key finder that you can proudly showcase and even attach your favorite keychain to it. For versatility, Orbit comes with 12 color options, effectively catering to different preferences. Additionally, its finishing features a solid and well-brushed aluminum material for durability.

The unit has a digital leash that promptly alerts you if you left your valuables behind. Although it has a Bluetooth range of only 45 feet, the key finder makes up for other interesting features. This includes the last known GPS location that you can use to find the last place and time you had your keys. The last known GPS gives you a better clue of where to first look for a missing item.

Besides that, the finder can be attached to your keys for better tracking. So, you can easily keep track of its location using your Smartphone. In case you have misplaced your smartphone, press the button, and your phone will ring even if it’s in silent mode.

Orbit keeps up with the latest technology trends by allowing you to use it to take a selfie. You simply need to set up your smartphone, get into position, and then use Orbit as the selfie remote. With it as the timer controller, you don’t have to exhaust yourself with a selfie stick.

Key Features

  • Ease of use: Find your keys by pressing the Orbit button
  • Last known GPS location: Use it to find the place and time where you’re valuable is most likely to be
  • Durable design: it’s made with durable, waterproof aluminum material.
  • Range: Orbit comes with a Bluetooth technology that covers 100 ft. and a free app for easier tracking
  • Selfie controller: Take a group shot or selfie by using it as a selfie remote
  • Separation notification: Features a separation alarm that notifies you if you have left or moving too far from your valuable
  • Volume and compatibility: the unit has an in-built 90 dB speaker for a loud ring and works perfectly with Alexa
  • Battery life: It uses a replaceable battery that can last up to six months


  • Waterproof and highly durable
  • Has a last known GPS map location of missing items
  • Can be used to efficiently find lost keys, misplaced phones, and other valuables
  • Perfect for use as a selfie remote
  • Works with Alexa voice search


  • Once Orbit loses its connection with your phone, it’s not easy to re-link it over Bluetooth
  • The replaceable battery only lasts for six months
  • It would help if you used another plastic tool to open and change the battery
  • The key finder has a tiny Bluetooth range.
Orbit - Bluetooth Key Finder - Black
  • FIND YOUR KEYS: Save yourself the stress of searching for misplaced items. Attach the Orbit Bluetooth tracker to your keys so you can find it in seconds just by using your Smartphone. If your Orbit is in range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE: Misplaced your phone? Simply press the button on your Orbit to make your phone ring even on silent!
  • TAKE A SELFIE: Take the perfect selfie or group shot every time. Simply set up your phone, stand back and use the Orbit as a selfie remote. No need for a Selfie Stick.
  • LAST KNOWN GPS LOCATION: Want to know the last time and place you had your keys? Give your memory a break and let the app tell you if you left them somewhere, so you know where to look first.
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY: No yearly subscriptions and no product wastage! The Orbit app will send you a notification that your battery is running low, and using the additional included battery, just twist and open to replace the battery.


4. Mynt Key Tracker

Mynt is a reasonable and affordable key finder with excellent features. While it may be cheap compared to other key finders, it still has features that deliver outstanding results. With Mynt, everything can be done in a click of a button. It’s known to provide a more effortless and stylish way to keep track of your valuables.

Mynt comes with an Item Ringer app that can be used to find items by calling them via the app. Do you want to find your missing keys or wallets? Simply click on the item icon on Mynt App and then set it to ring. Within seconds, the interface will identify where exactly the item is located. Its ring also acts as the beacon, guiding you to the right location.

You can also find your phone by setting it to ring. By pressing the Mynt button, your phone will ring loudly, whether it’s in silent mode or not. It merely needs to be on. Overall, this electronic unit makes finding and keeping your valuables more straightforward. It even comes with a separation alarm that automatically notifies you if you are accidentally leaving your item behind.

Besides those, the finder has other valuable features that make it stand out from the crowd. For instance, it has a camera shutter that’s effective for use up to 150 ft. Furthermore, there is a music remote control feature that you can use to control your audio player, or you can comfortably click through your keynote using it as a clicker.

Key Features

  • Range and volume: A Bluetooth range of 150 ft. and loudness of 80 dB
  • Slim design: 1/8-inch thin tracker, it is rated as the world’s thinnest key finder.
  • Item Ringer: it’s used in addition to the beacon to set up calls and find missing valuables.
  • Separation location alarm: automatically notifies you if you are leaving your items accidentally behind
  • Camera remote shutter: It’s useful up to 150 ft.
  • A stylish, multi-functional clicker: it can be used to click through Keynote or PPT.


  • Has a versatile and an award-winning design
  • A multipurpose button that supports numerous actions
  • Its replaceable battery can last between 3-6 months under normal use
  • Quite thin with a greater impact resistance


  • Its Bluetooth range is quite small.
  • The battery life is low.
  • It’s not easy to replace the battery.
MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote - Thinnest (2 Coin Thin) l: Key, Wallet, Pet Separation Alarm, Key & Phone Finder, Mac Presenter Clicker, Selfie Remote (FourMYNT)
  • 1/8 thin tracker that gives you a warning when you lose your key, wallet, and phone.
  • Versatile - Attaches to anything to make it unforgettable hook to keys through the hole, slip into wallet, or stick to laptop with tape.
  • Stainless steel shell processed with the same technology as iPhone 6 enclosures beautiful, fashionable, and durable.
  • Universal smart remote to control your smartphone to make selfie shots, play music, and control PPT on MacBook.
  • This package contains four MYNT trackers.

Tile vs. Chipolo vs. Orbit vs. Mynt

These four key finders have similar and different features that set them apart. But how do they fare against each other when they are comparatively reviewed?


Tile Pro vs. Chipolo One

They are among the most sought-after finders in the market. Below is a review that highlights their similarities and differences.


  • Both have the phone finder feature that can be accessed by pressing the button. It works even when the phone is in silent mode.
  • Find a community option that involves a larger user community. This usually enhances the searching process, mostly if you have lost touch with the missing item.
  • Track your items in a real-time environment using an Android or iPhone application.
  • They both have replaceable batteries: CR2025 for Chipolo and CR2032 for Tile Pro
  • High performance in finding your misplaced things and durability for lasting use


  • Range of coverage: Chipolo covers a 200 ft distance while Tile Pro covers a distance range of 400 ft.
    Battery Life: although they both use the same battery model, Chipolo uses CR2025 that has a 9-month lifespan. On the other hand, Tile Pro uses CR2032, which has a one-year lifespan.
  • Sharing option: Tile Pro allows you to conveniently share your tiles in your app with a close friend or family member. This helps to increase your finding power significantly.
  • Color range: while Tile pro is style-able, there are only two color options that you can choose from. On the other hand, Chipolo has around six color options. Hence it has a high level of color flexibility.
  • Volume: they both have high levels of decibels and among the top in the industry. Chipolo has 120 dB, while Pro has 128 dB.

The Winner?

Tile Pro is a winner performance-wise, while Chipolo takes the style award. Tile Pro earns the following points:

  • Connectivity: it easily reconnects to the app after a drop off in connection
  • Bluetooth range: with more than 400 ft. Distance range, Chipolo can only come in half-close.
  • Alert volume: Tile takes the lead, even though by a slight volume difference.
  • Extra features: tile has a sharing feature that enhances its sharing power.
  • Battery life: you can only replace the battery after a year.

Chipolo earns points in terms of:

  • Color range: there are six different options to choose from.
  • Price: it’s the more affordable of the two.

Overall Winner: Tile Pro


Orbit vs. Mynt

They are mostly sought by those looking for cost-effective alternative key finder replacements.


  • You can use either of them to find a phone by pressing the button on the finder, and it will end up
  • inging if it’s within the range, even if it’s in silent mode.
  • Find and track your valuables using the GPS location finder.
  • They both have replaceable batteries that can be replaced twice or thrice a year.


  • Replaceable battery: Orbit’s battery can last for six months. Besides that, the unit usually issues a notification when the battery charge starts to run low. Besides that, its replacement process is generally straightforward because you need to twist and open it. On the other hand, Mynt’s battery life can take between 3 to 6 months under regular use.
  • Impact resistance: Mynt has a steel casing that has better impact resistance.
  • Style: Mynt is considered as one of the thinnest key finders in the market. It only measures 1/8-inch thick.
  • Last known GPS location: Orbit Bluetooth key finder has tweaked its GPS to provide the last know location and at what time.
  • Tracking range: Mynt has a distance range of 150 ft. Orbit has a range of 100 ft.
  • Volume: Mynt’s loudness is 80 dB, while Orbit’s volume can reach 90 dB.

The Winner?

Well, both key finders make several points with their highly unique features. Mynt scores high in the following areas:

  • Style: it’s stylish and offers convenience with its thin size.
  • Tracking range: it’s relatively high compared to what Orbit offers.
  • Impact resistance: it can effectively withstand severe falls due to its highly durable material
  • Item ringer: the setting makes it easier to find an item by clicking on it on the app and then setting it to ring.
  • Separation alarm: it notifies you when you are leaving a valuable behind attached.
  • Music remote control: you can easily set up your digital music playing devices.
  • Stylish clicker: makes an effective presentation fob for keynotes and PPTs.
  • Remote shutter: can be used for up to 150 feet.
  • Price: it costs almost half of the price of the orbit key finder.

Orbit earns the following points:

  • Last known GPS location: it makes searching and finding a missing unit very easy because it indicates the last time and place where it was located.
  • Volume: its several units higher than its competitors.
  • Battery life: you need to replace it almost twice annually.
  • Selfie remote: you can set it up in the app camera for a group shot or selfie.

Overall Winner: Orbit is the winner between these two. It makes an ideal key finder with its battery life, volume, and GPS location. Even though its Bluetooth range is lower, it’s still within the recommended range of the best key finders. Mynt is cheap, and it’s ideal for anyone looking for a basic key finder with additional features.


Tile Pro vs. Chipolo vs. Orbit vs. Mynt: The Winner

Out of the four key finders, Tile Pro is the best in terms of performance. It ticks all the boxes of what a good unit needs to have. Chipolo comes in second, and it can be an excellent alternative to Tile Pro. Orbit and Mynt take in the 3rd and 4th positions, respectively.


The Best Key Finder Buying Guide: Features to Consider

There is a wide range of key finders in the market. This means that it can be quite challenging to find the best unit with the broad array option. However, if you understand the key factors to consider, then the selection process can be easier. This is because you will be in a good position to understand what products have the best features and if they can effectively cater to your specific needs. The most important considerations to make include:

The Range

This is perhaps the top feature that a lot of people should consider. What is the overall distance range of the finder? It should be noted that there is no need to have such an item if the distance range is just a few feet because you are better off doing a manual search.

Industry experts estimate that the best range should be around 100 ft. However, there are so many finders that have more than this. So, the higher the range, the better the finder in locating your missing item.

Note: the average 100 feet distance is great for Bluetooth finders. It’s worth noting that finders using radio signals tend to have a wider average range. However, they lack community and application support out of their distance range. Besides that, you need to be aware that the indicated range is usually without external interference. So, if there are obstructions such as walls, furniture, or other equipment, the distance will significantly reduce.


Type of key finder

Do you want a radio-controlled or Bluetooth key finder? The latter usually has more advantages compared to the former. You have the upper hand with a Bluetooth finder because it allows you to have a real-time view of your missing item location on the map. Additionally, most of these products usually come with community support that’s applicable in case the missing item is out of your range.

Although it’s very easy to set up radio-controlled key finders, you have to rely on sound to find your missing item solely. In some instances, you can get a combination of sound and LED flashlights.


Alarm /Notification Alerts

All these key finder models come with different alert sounds. You need something that offers a sound that is loud enough for you to hear. Although your preference is the determining factor when it comes to sound, you should be able to hear the finder from quite a distance.

Besides that, the type of sounds the device makes is essential. How many sound options does it come with? The more the sound options, the more appealing a finder is because it can effectively appeal to different people with different sound preferences.


The Battery Life

Although these devices usually come with replaceable batteries, it’s still essential to check the battery life. Those units that frequently need battery replacements are not ideal. You will end up spending more time and money, replacing the battery rather than using the finder.

Good battery life should be between 9-12 months. This means that you only need a new cell once a year. Some finders come with low battery warnings; they are great because this helps to minimize your chances of getting caught unawares without a new replacement.



The unit doesn’t need to be too big or too small. If it’s too big, you will get inconvenienced due to reduced portability. On the other hand, if it’s too small, you risk losing it between other items. So, it should have a medium size.


Type of Flashing Light

Apart from sound, many of these finders also come with flashing lights to help you easily find an item. However, it’s advisable always to choose a unit that contains LED lights. This is because such light systems are usually long-lasting, bright, and durable.



You don’t want to buy an item that will easily break down in case it’s dropped. Therefore, a durable and long-lasting model, mostly if it’s made of waterproof material, would make a great option. It can perfectly withstand the elements of weather, shocks, and friction.


Connection Flexibility

The more you can connect the key finder to numerous items, the better it is. This is a massive advantage to those who are forgetful and often absent-minded. It merely means that they don’t have to keep track of all their essential valuables.

There are also other key finder models that have extra features. This makes them extremely versatile for use. For instance, you can use them as music controllers, pointers, and digital leashes. Generally, the extra features can help to add value to your everyday life.


Key Finder FAQs

Q: What is Key Finder?

A: A key finder is also known as an electronic finder. It’s a discreet electronic item that can be used to efficiently locate missing or misplaced items that have been attached or associated to the finder’s locator. This can be a bunch of keys, a wallet, backpack, or even a phone.

Q: Why Should I Buy a Key Finder?

A: The goal of having a key finder is to enhance search convenience and minimize the stress that usually comes with accidentally misplacing items. Such a locator speeds up the process of finding your valuable. In some instances, you can even get an alert if you are leaving something behind.

Q: How Do Key Finders Work

A: Although key finders have different features that set them apart, their working mechanism is almost the same. This is because all key finders have the same goal – to locate a missing item.

Generally, modern key finders use Bluetooth or wireless connection technology. This means that you don’t have to create any base station since the Bluetooth range can move with the key finder. You simply need to attach the finder to your valuable. To initiate a search, you need to press the button on the locator’s device.

Q: Are There Other Uses of Key Finders?

A: Yes. While these electronic items are mainly used as locators, some of them are designed with multiple functionalities. You can use a Key Finder to control your digital music, click through a PPT or keynote, etc.

Besides that, some of the key finders are incredibly versatile. You can use them as remote controls for selfies or group photographs. The key to all these extra features depends on the type of electronic locator you choose.

Q: What are the Available Types of Key Finders?

A: There are generally many types of key finders. However, they tend to fall into two broad categories:

  • I. Bluetooth Key Finders
    They are the most commonly used currently. These electronic products typically use Bluetooth signals to connect the locator to the app on a smartphone. They are very popular because they allow you to see your missing item on a map, in a real-time environment. Besides that, most of these key finders come with community support, making the search process quite easier. Lastly, Bluetooth key finders typically have receivers that make loud noises to facilitate easier location.
  • II. Radio-Controlled Key Finders
    These finders typically use radio signals for connection. They work in the same way as the Bluetooth counterparts. However, they don’t have community support out of their range.

Q: Do Bluetooth Key Finders Use GPS?

A: Yes. You need to understand that such key finders offer location-based services using your phone. So, they have to use GPS to find the current location of your lost item. In case you decide to switch off your location, then the app won’t be able to work.