Best Home Security Cameras for 2019

Best Home Security Cameras for 2019

With everything that has been going around in this day and age, you simply just can’t go on without a home security camera. Aside from keeping your home safe, there are actually a lot of benefits that you can get from it — check on your kids when you have to run quick errands, check on your pets, check suspicious activities outside of your home, or monitor a repair and renovation away from home. It is a great tool for keeping an eye on things from a distance. So what is the best Home Security Cameras for 2019, there is a lot to consider.

There are many security cameras available in the market today with various capabilities and features. Some have crystal clear two-way audio setting, some have alarms, some sends a notification once a movement is detected, and some works superbly like a hawk. But with so many options to choose from, it can be quite hard to know which is the right fit for you and for your home. You may want to choose something that is very simple to set up and operate. You may also want something with a sleek design that may be able to fit the interiors of your home. Additionally, you may want a camera that is compatible with the most device, like your smartphone.

To help you decide on your perfect fit. We have ranked some of the best home security cameras for 2019. See below:

Wyze Cam Pan

This indoor smart home camera has a night vision, a crystal clear two-way audio, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, 2-Way Audio and is Alexa compatible. This is by far, one of the best in terms of motion tracking.

The Wyze Cam Pan will send an alert message through your phone if a motion or a sound is detected by the camera. There is a free rolling 14-day cloud storage of videos and audios that you can review anytime. Since the home security camera provides a 360-degree coverage, it can very well follow a continuous motion as long as it is in the field of view. The “Pan Scan” feature is pretty cool too, as it scans a particular room in 4 waypoint. If you want to check on the living room, go ahead and easily assign the task to Alexa.

This smart camera has a sleek design. And while the audio quality can be a bit shaky sometimes, it is still great overall and it is very affordable too. If you are starting with equipping your home with smart cameras, you may opt to thy Wyze as your first investment. Its affordability does not sacrifice the quality of the overall cam plus, its features are comparable to the more expensive ones.

Market Price: $37.98 (Approx.) – View it on Amazon here.

YI 1080p Home Camera

For parents, a security camera is necessary to monitor your children’s activities. This YI Home Camera definitely does the job with monitoring. A perfect nanny camera that guarantees to keep the little ones secured with its features.

The YI 1080p Home Camera offers a baby crying detection feature and motion feature. That means you will receive two alerts for motion and sound so you’ll know exactly what is happening. Parents as well as caregivers can monitor simultaneously because the app can be used by up to five family members. There is also a seven-day free storage so you can review at the end of the day or week.

Other outstanding features include a wide angle and full HD view for complete coverage, up to 4x zoom and focus, a complete panoramic view that can be achieved by just panning your phone — all through its YI Home app. You can also connect and monitor up to 4 cameras in your home. Furthermore, the YI Cloud has no storage limit that has loop-recording. The cloud feature has a one-month free trial.

Market Price: A perfect baby camera available for just $28.99, check it out on Amazon here.

Vimtag P1 HD Ultra IP Camera

This camera boasts of a great security feature with its HD video quality, pan and tilt functions, two-way audio, a clear night vision, and 4x digital zoom.

What’s more, the Vimtag P1 is very easy to set up. It is plug-and-play with built-in Wi-Fi. You can control the security camera through your phone, via their app, as it allows you to pan, zoom, and tilt especially when it detects motion. The camera can also support multiple users. The app is very easy to navigate and you can optimize and customize what you want to view from there. This user-friendly feature works well even for first-time users and for those who have not really encounter navigating a camera through an app. Everything takes a minute with this security camera.

The Vimtag P1 is plain and simple security cam and that is probably its best feature. It is not compatible with other smart home device and it does not have cloud storage. If you want to record videos, you have to purchase an SD Card or a $150 S1 Cloud Box — a 1TB drive that can handle up to four camera feeds simultaneously.

Market Price: This security camera is available about $89.95 on Amazon, here.

SereneLife Indoor IP Camera

This security home camera boasts of having the “easiest wifi setup” available on the market today. True enough, it is a plug and play device which requires no additional setup. But while it is a simple surveillance cam, many raves about its superb night vision and ultra clear HD images up to 32 feet.

SereneLife camera is not compatible with any smart home device however, it is still a perfect choice for home and business surveillance especially for night time tracking. It can detect motion and record videos (through a micro SD) up to 24 hours or you can schedule which time to track.

The SereneLife app gives you full access to the camera whether you want to take still pictures or record videos. Manage two or more cameras with the app.

Market Price: The surveillance camera is available for $79.99 on Amazon here.

Amazon Cloud Cam

If a device or a gadget has the word “Amazon” in it, it probably won’t disappoint. True enough, this home security device can really work its magic. And because it is from Amazon, it is Alexa/Echo compatible, perfect if you have a smart home.

The Amazon Cloud Cam includes basic security camera functions such as HD video, two-way audio, night vision, and notification during motion or sound detection. The basic camera can store up to 24 hours of footages. However, you can upgrade certain features like a 30-day footage storage and person detection with Cloud Cam Plans that is free for a 30-day trial period. One of the features of the subscription is that you can customize notifications and intelligent alerts like person detection. Subscriptions prices vary from $6.99 to $19.99 a month. You can view the footages on mobile and PC and you can share them as well.

Installation and configuration of the cloud cam are easy as well. The Amazon Cloud Cam app login details are your existing Amazon account details or you can very well create a new account solely for the camera’s purposes. The “Home/Away” setting of the app works best when you are on a vacation. Through here, you can program the camera to turn on when you are away or off when you are home.

Market Price: Amazon Cloud Cam is s bit on the higher price point at $119.99 is on Amazon here.

Ring Spotlight Cam

Another great option for a smart outdoor camera is the Ring spotlight. The brand primarily offers doorbell cam. The company, however, has since entered the market of a smart surveillance camera with useful features. This camera can operate through a battery, wire, or solar power options which can be your best bet when outdoors. It also has a loud, 110-decibel siren system in case of emergency.

The Ring Spotlight Camera has is also a DIY camera that you can customize and control through its app. It detects motion, has ultra clear HD feature, and has two-way audio. Monitor your home or business round the clock and get alerts whenever an activity is detected. This camera definitely saves energy while keeping you secure.

This surveillance camera has a compact design and has a sturdy feature that won’t easily tear though outside weather and elements. The cameras under that brand have an IPX5 rating so durability is guaranteed.

Market Price: This outdoor cam is pricey at $199.00 but a good investment if you are looking for outdoor surveillance, check it out on Amazon here.

Arlo Pro 2

Many reviewers believed that Arlo Pro is by far one of the best in the market and believe it as I use this one myself; check out my full review on Best Wireless Home Security Camera (Indoor & Outdoor). For one, it has a sleek design that you can place anywhere you want to monitor, it is 100% wire-free, and it is rechargeable. These very basic but useful features work so much in saving you the hassle of installation.

Arlo Pro is every definition of a crystal clear. It allows you to monitor live in HD, it has a great motion detection feature through a wide-angle PIR motion sensor, and it has a superb night vision that can illuminate up to 25 feet. Whether you place it indoor or outdoor, the device is IP65-certified so it can stand pretty much any weather. The device also has 2-way audio and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant — perfect for your smart home devices. Feel like there is an emergency? You can activate the device’s siren to let others know about a certain situation and notify authority.

Of course, these great features do not come cheap. The device comes with a base station that requires an ethernet connection. This station can support removable storage devices that allows you to save captured clips through hard-drive. To access full features and what you can do in the app, you need to purchase a cloud subscription that comes in a variety of prices, depending on your need. However, if safety is your priority, then all of these are worth investing.

Market Price: Arlo Pro 2 starts from $196.99 and is available in bundles with multiple cameras, see the 3 Pack on Amazon here.

Nest Cam IQ

This brand takes things seriously and from the image quality and outstanding features, you can tell that it is really a “state-of-the-art” smart. Aside from HD imaging, this security camera is equipped with a 4k sensor. According to Nest, it is smart enough to tell which is a person and which is a thing and it can even recognize a face with Nest Aware.

The Nest Aware feature, of course, comes with a price. From, $50 up t0 $300 a year (capabilities depends on the price of your subscription) , Nest Aware subscription will help you catch everything you have missed. It can record videos for up to 24 hours for 30 days.

Other features include a powerful speaker that allows you to hear clear audios with noise cancellation and echo suppression, invisible infrared LEDs that brightly illuminate the whole room, a “Supersight” technology that zooms into a face while still giving you a full picture, and a 3-hour snap chat history. The device is compatible with Google assistant. Nest definitely offers IQ surveillance like no other.

Market Price: A single camera is at $299.00 and they usually come in a bundle of 2, so these are the most expensive; check the 2 Pack out on Amazon, here.


Buying your home security camera means doing a bit of research on what you truly need. There are various types of security cameras for your home. It can be indoor, outdoor, wireless, or rechargeable. You also have to consider features that work best for you such a video quality, the audio, night vision, movement detection, storage, and wifi capabilities. Most security cameras today have all of the features stated so you just have to take a good look at the cost.

If you have a smart home, consider getting a camera that is compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home that can make your life at home so much easier. Review your choices and get the safety and protection you most definitely need.

Also, don’t do TOO Much! as your Home Security may become a full-time job…


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