Google Home Commands

139 Google Home Commands you [need to know]

Google Home is one of the best assistants out there. It can provide a lot of useful daily information, schedule things for you, answer questions, and of course take care of a vast number of tasks in the house for you. With all of these features, it can be a pain to remember, which is commands do what and what phrases trigger those actions. Below we have included a full chart of all those tricky commands.
Here is the complete list:

 Google Home Command-List

All Commands start with “Okay Google” or “Hey Google




Triggers the Help dialogue, which can tell you which and how to use commands for specific tasks.

Turn it up / Louder

Raises the audio’s volume

Turn it down

Lowers the audio’s volume

Set volume to [1-11]

Allows you to set the volume between 1 and 11


Prevents your Google Home unit from using its microphone. You will need to press the physical button on the unit to un-mute it


Stops the current task

Send feedback

Allows you to send a feedback message directly to Google.

Primary Google Home Commands

Set alarm for [time]

Sets an alarm reminder for a specific time

Set alarm for [time] every day of the week

Sets a recurring alarm reminder for a specific time

Cancel my alarm

Cancels an alarm that you have previously configured


Snoozes an alarm

Remind me to [task] on [day] at [time]

Creates a task reminder for you on a time and date you specify

Set a timer for [X] minutes

Creates a timer for the requested amount of time

Set a second timer for [X] minutes

Creates a second timer for the requested amount of time

How much time is left on my timer?

Queries how much time remains on a current timer

Pause timer

Pause a timer

Resume timer

Resume a paused timer

Add [item] to my shopping list

Adds the requested item to a Google Home shopping list

What’s on my shopping list?

Reads out the items you put on your Google Home shopping list

Buy [item]

Searches and allows you to buy an item from Google Express

Talk to [action name]

Tells Google Home to interact with specific other 3rd party devices

Assorted Food and Health Information Commands

How much potassium is in a banana?

Does a Google search for the nutritional information of the food.

How many calories are in [food]?

Searches for more nutritional information

What is [medical condition]?

Reads your information about a medical condition

How do I make [dish]?

Provides the best recipe for any dish

Find me a [food] recipe

Searches for a recipe with the ingredient in it

Sports and Other Entertainment Commands

What was the score of the [team] game?

Checks the latest scores

What is the [team] record?

Tells you a sports teams current record

When are the [team] playing next?

Tells you a team’s next game

What actors are in [movie]?

Gives you certain news/entertainment information

Who invented [thing]?

Teaches you something from history

Who wrote [book]?

Find out the author of a book

What is [actor]’s most popular movie?

Lists more information about a celebrity

Who is [person]?

Learn more about a person that Google knows about

How old is [person]?

Asks Google how old someone is

Various Calculations and Conversion Commands

How many days until [holiday]?

Tells you how many days till a calendar event

Count to [X]

Google Home counts up or down to your number

What’s [X divided by [Y]?

Perform basic math functions

What is [X] percent of [Y]?

Perform percentage calculations

What’s the cosine of [X]?

Perform more advanced maths

How many [units] are in [other units]

Allows you to convert one unit to another

How many pesos in a dollar?

Perform any type of currency conversion

How many milligrams are [X] ounces?

Convert common units

Language and Communication Commands

How do I spell [word]?

Google Home will spell out a word

How do you say [word/phrase] in [language]?

Translates phrases using Google Translate

What is [foreign phrase] in English?

Asks Google Home for a comparable phrase in English

What does [word] mean?

Defines a requested word

Commute and Travel Information Commands

How’s my commute?

Hear the estimated time driving to your specified workplace

How’s the traffic on the way to [location]?

Gets local traffic data to a location

How long will it take to walk to [place]?

Learn how long it will take by any means of transit to a location

How far is [place] from here?

Ask for a specific distance

When is my next flight?

Gets the time of your flight

Is my flight on time?

Checks up on whether your flight is cancelled or delayed

What’s the status of [airline] [flight number]?

Gives you any flight details

How much is a flight to [place]?

Determines the current price to fly somewhere

What’s the capital of [country]?

Hear current geographical information

What time is it in [place]?

Ask for a local time

Calendar and To-Do List Commands

Play my daily briefing

Google Home reads your daily briefing which Includes the weather, time, and current news

What’s on my calendar for [day]?

Checks your calendar for events or appointments

When is [holiday] this year?

Checks on a specific calendar event’s date

Remember [thing]

Notates a quick note into Google Home’s storage

What did I ask you to remember?

Recall a quick note from Google Home’s storage

What/when is my next event?

Checks your closest calendar event

News, Weather, and Other Local Info Commands

Tell me the news

Creates a quick summary of the current news

What’s the latest in [category]?

Recalls specific recent news for a certain category or event

What’s the weather?

Hear information about the weather for your location

What’s the forecast for [day]?

Recalls a summary of the weather for a specific day

What is [stock] trading at?

Checks the current trading value of a requested stock

How are the markets doing?

Formulates a summary of the recent events in the stock market

What [businesses] are nearby?

Allows you to search an area for a restaurant, shop, or other business

What’s the nearest [business]?

Finds the nearest location for a service near you

What is the phone number for the nearest [place]?

Searches Google for the phone number of the nearest shop or service requested

Is [business] open now?

Checks the opening hours of a store

Google Home Music and Other Media Commands

Play [song] | Play [album] | Play [artist]

Plays music from whatever default music service you have configured on the Google Home

Play [music] on [music service]

Allows you to play music from a service other than the default

Play music for [activity]

Google Home finds a good playlist of music for a certain activity

Play the song that goes [lyrics]

Listens to the lyrics of a song and gets the title for you


Toggles shuffling on or off


Pauses whatever is playing


Continues a paused audio source


Skips the track or audio source

Rewind [X] seconds

Allows you to back up on a song or podcast

Stop in [X] minutes

Sets an amount of time for when Google Home should stop audio playback

What’s playing?

Ask Google Home about information about the current audio source

Play [podcast name]

Searches and plays a specific podcast

Listen to the latest episode of [podcast]

Automatically begins the most recent episode of a podcast

Play at [X] speed

Allows you to change the speed of a podcast or song

Play [radio station] (on TuneIn)

Tunes in to a radio station of a certain name, call-sign, or frequency

Play my [station] station on Pandora

Allows you to play a specific station from your Pandora account

Play [audiobook]

Begins the reading of an audio-book from the Google store

Google Home Chromecast Commands

Turn on/off [Chromecast name]

Turns on or off the power of a connected Chromecast

Play [music] on [Chromecast name]

Start playing a song or playlist on a connected Chromecast device

Play on [Chromecast name]

Begins a requested Youtube video on a Chromecast device

Play [show or movie] on [TV name]

Allows you to play a movie or TV show on your Chromecast

Play/pause [Chromecast name]

Toggles the play state of a Chromecast device

Stop [Chromecast name]

Ends the current media playback on a Chromecast

Skip forward/back [X] minutes on [Chromecast name]

Allows you to rewind or fast forward on your Chromecast at will

Mute/unmute [Chromecast name]

Mutes or unmutes the audio from a specific Chromecast without stopping what is being played

Show [camera name]

Opens up the camera on your connected Chromecast device

Show photos on my TV

Opens up certain photos from your Google Photos account

Show me a picture of [thing]

Searches for a picture to display on your Chromecast

Google Home Smart Home Commands

Turn on/off my lights

Turns on or off your smart lights

Set my lights to [X] percent

Dims or brightens your smart lights

Turn my lights [color]

Changes the color of your smart bulbs

What’s the temperature inside?

Asks for information about the temperature inside your home

Set the temperature to [X]

Allows you to change the Nest thermostat’s temperature

Lock the front door

Lock the smart lock on the front door of your house

Broadcast [message]

Relays a message to all the Google Home devices in your home

Google Home Phone Call Commands

Read my replies

Reads you the latest messages from most of your message sending apps like Messenger or WhatsApp

Send a WhatsApp message

After linking your account to your Google Home allows you to send a message to someone via WhatsApp.

Call [contact]

Sends a call out from your Google Home device

Hang up

Ends the current placed call

Find my phone

Sends an alarm to your phone to help you find it

Bluetooth pairing

Activates Bluetooth pairing mode on the Google Home device

Fun Google Home Commands

Play Lucky Trivia

Google starts up a fun trivia game to put your knowledge to the test

What are your Easter eggs?

Listens to Google Home’s fun hidden responses

What does [animal] sound like?

Google Home imitates the sound of an animal

Sing a song

Plays a unique song that is performed by Google Assistant

Tell me a story

Google Assistant will tell you a bedtime story

Tell me a joke

Google Home will tell you a random joke

Read a poem

Google Home will recite poetry on request

Repeat after me: [phrase]

Google Home will repeat the next phrase it hears

Give me a random number between [X] and [Y]

Google Home will generate a random number within a certain specified range

Roll a die

Google Home will roll virtual dice, you can specify what type of die as well

Flip a coin

Google Home will flip a digital coin for you

What is your quest?

Google Home will tell you its goal in life

Can you swim?

Google Assistant will tell you some information about itself

Talk to Eliza

This will allow you to speak to a virtual therapist

Up up, down down, left-right, left-right, B A, Start

This command is a reference to the Konami Code.


Google Home will attempt to beatbox for you

Mad Libs

Google Home will start a game of Madlibs with you

Play the name game

Google Home will try to generate a rhyming word for any name given

Make me a sandwich

Just try this one, please

Where’s Waldo?

Google Home will make a joke about where Waldo is

Surprise me

Google Home will surprise you, maybe

Miscellaneous Other Google Home Commands

Tune my instrument

Google Home will play notes in an attempt to help you tune your instrument

Play a [letter] note

Google Home will play the requested musical note

Where’s my package?

Google Home will attempt to find out information on your package in shipping.


There is, even more, you can do with Google Home. Routines are a particular form of command that essentially combine some of the above commands into a sequence linked to a phrase you choose. Now that you have a handy list of all these commands, you can set up a Routine pretty quickly. The easiest way is to, on your Google Assistant app, navigate to the Routines section (Updates > Assistant > Routines). From here, you can set up specific combinations of commands. Google Home provides you with some default routines. For example, the morning routine can turn your phone off silent, turn up the temperature, and adjust the lighting for you. In this menu, you can create your routines with any of the command actions above, as well a custom phrase to say that activates it. This allows for a lot more customizability with your Google Home unit. Hopefully, this list helps you make the absolute most out of your Google Home unit and taught you a few new interesting and useful commands and tricks to work with.